Mar 12,2019

How to find best selling hair products online in the world?

Hello our beauties! How are you today? Have you found your wishing hair products? I hope yes. You know, the market of hair extension is undoubtedly hot right now with emergence of many hair providers, hair suppliers and hair vendors. Among those hair sellers, which one is best for you? Why don’t you think of the providers who are best selling hair products online? Yes, that’s our topic for discussion today. How could you find the store that sells hair products online that work best for you?



  • Looking for the feedback


Word of mouth always have great effect on customers’ decision that’s why a lot of online hair store taking advantage of this, they post a lot of positive feedback but hide the negative feedback away. Hence, in order to find out the best hair sellers, you need to go to the online place that feedback couldn’t be changed or hidden from other audience like the  special hair forum, feedback video or any platform that doesn’t allow sellers to delete or hide the feedback of the customer. Don’t hesitate to question on the hair forums or the vloggers, there are so many honest audience out there will give you the honest feedback. However, it doesn’t mean you have to search for the negative feedback all the time. For example, if you are finding Vietnamese double twist curly hair 20 inches feedback, search for that product on hair forum or facebook with simple keyword like Vietnamese hair, double twist curly hair, curly hair 20 inches to make sure you gather a lot of feedback.

  1. Looking at the advertisement and their visual aid

You might be surprising because sometimes the advertisement say phony things and visual aid cannot be exact as the reality. However, you need to understand that if the company invest in advertising and visual aid which cost a lot of money, the company should have to cover that cost by producing more high quality products and attract the larger quantity of customers. The attractive visual aids which costs a lot of effort to release, the low quality company will not invest in such things if they just want to catch the customer up in only 1 time. The good companies nowadays thoroughly understand that keeping the loyal customer cost less than attractive new one so the companies invest in advertising and visual aid not always to say something phony, they want to assert their high quality product and make tangible evidence for their hair product because you cannot go to the store itself to touch and experience their product before buy with online store. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t searching for low cost advertisement with poor content and less attractive visual aids. Those kinds of ads just want to attract the customer once and nobody will come back to the companies. If you want an example, click like the Oscarhair fanpage on Facebook, you could see how industriously they live stream and inform the product to the customer, all of that information are designed manually for the customer to ensure the human touch in each advertisement.

  1. Check their customer service


If the product is high quality, the company automatically pay attention to the customer service. If the customer service of the company is jerks, the quality is jerk too. The trustful and well-managed company will never fail in customer service because, as I mentioned, they want to rely on the loyal customer which costs less than only attract the new one so they want to make you become their loyal customer from the first place, want to win your loyalty by the first impression so their customer service should be available, quick and active. If you can, ask them question and see how their customer services meet their expectation. A notice for you that if you are searching for online hair sellers, you have to accept the fact that the companies could be from anywhere of the world, even in non English country so they could be not good at English but at least, they should be attentive and show the dedication to listen to your problem. Moreover, you should pay attention to the payment policy and delivery service. If the company really cares about the experience of the customer, the payment and refund policy and the delivery service should be clear and has various options for you to choose. Oscarhair, for example, they allow you to pay through Moneygram, paypal and even Wupay to ensure the convenience of customer when experiencing their service.

  1. Looking for their selling channels

Just like advertisement, the trustful company will not sell their product hair extensions on only one channel. Facebook, instagram, website, whatsapp, and so on are some of the popular selling channel of the hair companies. The point here is you should look at the consistency in the information they inform you. With the same product, if it is different or controversial in the information on the selling channel, you must question their quality because the trustful providers will be very specific and consistency in the marketing message that they want to convince customer and the key thing in convincing customer is the repetition. Oscarhair is one epitomes of consistency in facebook Oscarhair, youtube channel, instagram and even Pinterest.

One more thing you should observe in the selling channels of the company is the frequency of posting. If you only see the post from 2 months ago only, could you trust that company? Yes, there are some companies taking advantage of that, they post everyday to achieve the frequency. In that case, you should pay attention to the content of those activities, if it is consistent but creative to attract you, it could be reliable. Bill Gates said:” Content is King” is reasonable in that way, if the online company invest in the content, they are investing in customer experience and that’s a good sign for a trustful company.

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In brief, those above are some tips for you to find the best store hair products online! Online is convenient but you need to be careful in choosing the best hair providers! If you want to find more information, Oscarhair always here to listen Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!