Oct 05,2018

Difference between Virgin and Non Virgin Hair

There are different between Virgin and Non Virgin Hair.  There’re some difference you should know to choose the best one for you and your finance.

Virgin Hair:

Difference between Virgin and Non Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is 100% natural hair from the donor to you. Hair cannot be called “Virgin” if it has been dyed, bleached or chemically treated. Virgin hair also called as cuticle hair. This hair has been collected from a single person/donor. And this also mean virgin hair is come from a single person. A set of Vietnam hair must come from a single donor and all follow the same direction with an intact cuticle which means it is completely natural, healthy and beautiful. That why  it is best using as material hair to product others type and texture of hair extensions. If you want to make hair extensions by yourself to Weft hair, tape in hair, prebonded, clip-in hair extensions and bleach or styled, there’s no doubt that virgin is the best choice for that.

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Non Virgin Hair:

Difference between Virgin and Non Virgin Hair

Non-virgin hair has its cuticles stripped and is chemically treated. Cuticles are the natural protector of hair. Hair is much less healthy once the cuticles are stripped. Acid chemicals damage the hair even further and cause more shedding. Non virgin hair is not aligned same direction. The most obvious way to do that is to have a lot of short hair in your hair. You can use a comb to check, if your hair breaks too much it proves that is non-Virgin hair. In addition to the most commonly seen is the hair color is not natural color, you check under the sun to see the most obvious results.

Hair extensions have been used for ages and will most likely be around for many years to come. An important factor, while buying hair extensions is, you are buying pure virgin hair for your money. If you are considering buying elegant hair extensions for special events like wedding, Christmas or holidays, then make sure you buy from ethical hair extensions providers. You can go through www.Oscahair.com.vn to check products or shop for pure virgin hairs.