Oct 30,2018

Detail about Roll Body Wavy in Oscarhair Company

Today’s beauty needs of women are very high, especially the demand for wigs. So there are a lot of hair distribution facilities available in most countries around the world and it riorates into a pretty “hot” industry today.

There are a lot of new hairstyles like straight lines, curly lines, but the fun stops there. To help Oscar customers catch up with the new trend, we are pleased to introduce a product called Roll Body Wavy Hair. For more information on this product please refer to the article below:


The weft in Oscarhair.

As you can see the specially designed weft in Oscarhair, these are made up of thin and short horizontal strips which provide comfort and comfort to the user. Although short and thin, the fibers are sewn in very strong, it is difficult for the hair to slip out. This minimizes hair loss when used by clients, giving them peace of mind and confidence.

Detail about Roll Body Wavy in Oscarhair Company

The hair in Oscar hair.

Product Description

HAIR MATERIAL : 100% unprocessed human hair weave afro Roll body wavy bundles.

HAIR QUALITY : Can be Straighted, Curled, Dyed,Restyled, Bleached and Styled as your own hair–Last Long

HAIR FEATURE : Clean, Soft, Smooth, Glossy, Full Cuticle, Double Strong Hair Weft. No Shedding, No Tangle, No Smell, No Lice, No Chemical Treatment–Distinctive

HAIR PARAMETER : Natural color,100g/Bundle-Full Weight, 6″-28″(True to length)

 A FULL HEADALIGLOSSY HAIR : Oscarhair is Trustworthy Brand. Roll boucy wavy hair allowed only, Provide Healthy, Safe, Beautiful hair is our unremitting pursue.

The waves are always on the fold and are styled perfectly naturally. When you are active, it is very difficult to change your hair style. This shows that the Vietnam hair is strong and natural wavy hair. line of waves create a sense of attractiveness to the opposite. The hair is sewn on the head of the weft is also natural, short and thin seams feel very comfortable for the user, this is a plus point for the quality of Oscarhair

Detail about Roll Body Wavy

I hope this description so far gives you a brief understanding of what are weft hair extensions. You may also be interested in who uses weft curly hair extensions and who installs them. They are a more traditional methods of hair extensions that some salons stand by, then on the other hand you have salons who only do your machine weft. You should also be quite careful of a lot of salons that do cheap machine weft hair extensions because I have heard quite of a lot of disaster stories. And once the hair is in you will need a professional to take it out. 

Come to Oscar Hair Company with many years of experience, we always try to create the highest quality standard which meet all customer’s requirement. Anyone can access to our website where we have all our hair product here!