Nov 29,2018

Closure, Frontal, or 360 Frontal?

What are things that make closures become significant lately? Not only the helpful advantages but also a number of different types of these hair pieces can be reasoned for that. In general, we can classify these hair items into 3 main types, including: closure, frontal and 360 frontal

What’s a closure?

Vietnamese Closure Full Wig Curly hair
Vietnamese Closure Full Wig Curly hair
  • A closure is a section of lace, filled with hair. The hair strands in a closure have been attached to a lace base allowing it to have a scalp like a resemblance.
  • They come in many different sizes but usually come in a shape of square or rectangular usually about four inches in length and four inches in width.
  • Believe it or not there is less hair in a closure compared to a frontal or 360 frontal so that closures can be very cost-effective.
  • Also the lace closures are very low-maintenance compared to a frontal or even 360 frontal. The reason of low-maintenance is that there are fewer hair strands and lace in a closure than in a frontal or 360 frontal.
  • Hairstylists typically sew lace closures into place, while a stylist will usually bond a frontal into place, with either hair adhesive, or even strong cheap hair extensions gel. Therefor the natural hair does not have to be re-flat ironed to blend with extensions because the frontal is protecting hair underneath.

What’s a Frontal?

  • A lace frontal is very similar to a lace closure. The most significant difference is a lace frontal is from temple to temple, covering entire hairline, and the top of head. Because of their size, lace frontals have unmatched styling versatility.
  • With a lace frontal, hair users can achieve many styles, such as a half-up half-down ponytail, braids, and unlimited part options in the front. Lace frontals are also ideal for those that have traction alopecia or those that want to protect their hairline. To protect the hairline, a safe hair adhesive is used in order not to pull out any hair in front of a client’s hairline.
  • For those who want to experiment with various textures or colors would benefit from a frontal. The lace frontal would eliminate the need to dye or heat-style natural hair to blend with your extensions.

What’s A 360 Frontal?

Closure, Frontal, or 360 Frontal

  • The 360 frontal looks like a hybrid lace frontal. A 360 frontal brings the maximum hairline coverage, covering the entire perimeter of your head, with space in the center for bundles to be installed. The 360 frontal also provides fascinating versatility with various hairstyles like the high ponytails, braids, and many unlimited part options.

Closure, Frontal or 360 Frontal – Which Is Best Choice?

  • Closures: A sew in with closure is elegant for someone that has never worn a lace piece of remy hair before or someone that wants to wear the same hairstyle every day. A lace closure is a great, simple, and cost-effective option for a beautiful everyday style appropriate for work, school, and casual wear. A closure sew in is a great way to protect your natural hair while looking explosive!
  • A frontal is perfect for someone who prefers lots of versatility to a little weekly maintenance. It is perfect for trying new colors and textures, without the risk of damaging users’ natural virgin hair.
    360 Frontal
  • A 360 frontal is ideal for full coverage around the perimeter of your head. It’s similar to a full sew in no leave out, but with more versatility. A 360 frontal may require some maintenance, but it is worth it in exchange for out-of-this-world versatility. Those that love an extravagant high ponytail, or being able to flip their hair every which way, would love a 360 frontal.
    When choosing between a lace closure, frontal or 360 frontal, take time to consider daily routine to ensure the best option for you.