Oct 24,2018

Beautiful hairstyles for thin hair

Even if you do not get rich in hair, you can still make your thin hair look thicker by the way choosing right some hairstyles below.

Bob / lob hair

Beautiful hairstyles for thin hair

There is a rule you should remember, the longer the Vietnam hair is, the thinner it will look. So the most effective way to get a good looking hair is not to have your hair too long and in this case, bob or lob is the ideal choice. And your bob / lob hair will look thick when cutting. If you are still unhappy with the thickness of the natural bob / lob hair, try frizz or bending.

Pixie hair

pixie hair

Pixie hair can be facial but it is one of the hairstyles that can help your thin hair look thicker. That is not to mention that it can also “lift” for your appearance, make you look very personal and stylish. To keep the form and puffiness of your pixie hair, take a few minutes to wax or mousse your hair before going out.

Layered lob haircut

If you feel your lob tail is slightly rough, you can choose a thin layer of lob hair. But remember, layers can make your hair look softer, more flexible but it also has the “texture” that makes your hair look thinner, so please remind haircutters that you just want some light layers. In addition, the hair tail should be trimmed instead of staggered

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Asymmetrical bob / lob hair

The bob or lob is suitable for thinning clip in hair extensions and it is likely that you will look alike with other hairstyles so much. To make your hair become more unique, you can try the asymmetric cut. Asymmetrical frontal hair not only helps your face look soft and vibrant, it also gives the effect of making your hair look thicker.

Deep side part hair

If you are more interested in long hair than short curly hair, you should pay attention to Super Double Drawn hair part to make your hair look thicker. Moreover, the deep side part hair style will make significant bobbing for hair, making your hair look super thick and attractive. The deep side part is suitable for both long and medium length hair as well as for long hair

Stubborn hair in the inner layer

The stubborn hair inside or outside is one of the most popular thinning hairstyles. However, if you do not want the stubborn hair to become thin and stiff, you just need gently curls for the outer Vietnam Remy hair layer and proceed to stamping the inner. The hairstyle inside not only helps thin hair becomes thicker but also blooms to make you lovely and more attractive.

Elegant and delicate with short curly hairstyle

Offering a sweet look at first glance, curly hair is a great choice for thin hair. With softly curls help the hair looks thicker and honor the beauty of face.

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