Oct 18,2018

Beautiful hair colors for white skin in 2019

The women who own cold or blush skin will match the red hair color. This is Beautiful hair colors for white skin in 2019

If you want to stand out, red tones will be the answer to white skin. You should choose a combination of hightlight dye and many other colors such as cinnamon brown, reddish brown or bronze to highlight the skin and face. Other colors like bordeaux red, bronze blond, strawberry and cherry are also available option if you want to try out the styling. Blonde hair can also give your hair warmth and extra depth to your hair. Find out more colors for skin white below

Silver gray

Short shoulder length hair

You can also call it “mouse coat”. When you dyed hair extensions gray, silver will give you a more prominent appearance even if it is compared to the color of the old. Not as prominent as smoky single drawn hair, but it will definitely help your face brighter and more radiant.

Apricot Color

Choosing the apricot color will be a bold decision but will definitely give you a whole new look for everyone around you. One drawback of this color is that you have to dye continuously when the bulk hair is longer. So, if you have less time to look after your hair, you should choose darker tones or dye ombre to avoid going to the hair salon several times. If you want to keep up with the trend of hair color 2019 then quickly make your choice.

Brown Blue purple color

If you are a purple lover, let choose brownish purple color for this year. This color scheme will give you a glamorous look. Along with the summer outfits, this hair color certainly will not make you disappointed in honoring your beauty.

Beryllium red color

It is also in the red color but beryllium red color is darker. It is very suitable for those who do not want to stand out so much when walking down the street. After dyeing this tone, you will look younger and more romantic. Especially, it is perfect fit with women with pale skin become pinkish, more wrapped

Chestnut color

Beautiful female hair trends for 2018

There are various red tones for those who love modern fashion. Chestnut color has three prominent variants for girls to brighten up the skin effectively. One advantage is that Vietnam human hair color is never out of fashion. No matter what color tone you choose, it is assured that this is a trend for hair coloring in 2018 and 2019. Adding a note in the way of make-up, you should make up lightly to make your whole face more charming and charming.

Amber color

It is a beautiful and new hair color in 2019. Hair experts are very high-appreciated to honor skin. If the purple color helps you to highlight the natural white skin, amber color helps women in black skin and honey skin become brighter. Do not stop there, this also brings personality and free for those who like long hair.

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Peach blush color

The color shows gentleness and romance in you. Peach blush color is also suitable for many types of skin such as weak skin, brown skin, dark skin or pale skin and different ages. One advantage is that it will become the trend of hair color in 2019 and will conquer girls with difficult character.