Oct 03,2018

All things you need to know about hair closure

Hair closure is so popular in the world. So what things you need to know about hair closure? Today, OSCAR hair present for you about it.

1.What is hair closure?

A closure is a hair piece that is usually made of lace or silk, lace is far more common than silk because lace closure gives you a flat and smooth appearance. It’s a piece that is used to cover the area of the hair. The hair piece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter in order to help protect your hair. They ensure that the area in front of the hairline are blended well. Hair closures can be applied by weaving thread or a liquid adhesive. A closure gives your look more natural that people can’t know you’re wearing hair extensions

2.What types of hair closure

 things you need to know about hair closure

There are 2 types of hair closures that are lace closure and lace frontal closure. They are both very useful in creating beautiful sew in installation.

  • Lace closure: Lace closures are usually a square-shaped lace that has hair attached. It does not cover your head from temple to temple. It can be used on top of side of your head and shifted slightly to the side to achieve a side-part look. It could make your hair extensions look more natural. The size is 4*4 commonly, but can come in slightly smaller or larger sizes.
  • Lace frontal closure: Lace frontal closure is a half wig hair which goes from ear to ear and is sewn with about 3-4 bundles of hair. Lace frontal closure is bigger and cover a larger area than lace closure. It can be used to create an ear to ear hairline that is essentially a protective style. The size is 13 across and 4 back. The frontal closure also can be used to make different hairstyles. If you want to try something different, regarding hair color cut or style, lace frontals could be the perfect solution without having to make any changed to your natural hair. Because of size of frontal closure, you can save fewer hair bundles in comparison with lace closure.
  • How to install them: Both lace closure and lace frontal closure can be sewn in or constructed into a wig. The difference between the two is that Vietnamese lace closures are sewn into place while lace frontals are generally meant to be bonded in place.

3.Base materials:

Vietnamese Closure Full Wig Curly hair
Vietnamese Closure Full Wig Curly hair
  • Both lace closures and frontals are typically made with either lace or silk. Some frontals are even made with both silks in the middle and lace on either side. Hair closures at Oscar hair are made from lace carefully
  • The hair is 100% Vietnam human hair, no tangle and no shedding that they are collected from the highest quality hair on the market.

4.The length and colors:

  • The length is from 6 to 20 inches.
  • The colors are natural black color, dark brown color, light brown color and blond.

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Those are things you need to know about hair closure of OSCAR HAIR. To buy more product of OSCAR HAIR, please contact us by Whatsapp +84936164010.