Feb 27,2019

Advices for people to wearing lace frontal wigs?

Hello all the beauties out there! How are you today? Is there any hair extension entering your eyes? If you are in a hectic schedule, wearing lace frontal wigs could be a great choice to start an energetic day. Lace frontal wigs nowadays become the quick solution for hustling situation for many girls but do you know some advice wearing lace frontal wigs ? In this post today, we will discuss some attractive tips to help you wear lace frontal wig like a star. Stay tuned and figure out!

lace frontal wigs


  • Don’t forget to secure all your natural hair


This is very basic thing before wearing a wig. You need to wrap up your natural hair close to the scalp before applying any glue, otherwise, your wig is detectable which you don’t want to. Making your natural hair is as flat as possible with clips, elastic band, etc. If you are thin or fine hair, you have the competitive advantage in wearing a wig. If you have little or no hair, wig liner will be necessary for you to keep your hair secure. In case of short hair, you should wrap it all in the back. What if long hair? Well, long hair need wrapping evenly with many clips and elastic bands but making sure the distribution of pins, clips are even. Finally, wearing a dome cap to make a firm base to apply lace frontal hair wigs.

  1. Choosing the right adhesive

The safe choice is doing a test of adhesive on your skin. Adhesive is a special glue using for sticking lace frontal wig on our skin so adhesive need to be test carefully. Put the adhesive on your wrist where the skin is close to your forehead’s skin and observe  your body’s response in 15 minutes. Some people have very sensitive skin which need a special glue for sensitive skin. Some people with oily skin complain about the increase of acne after using adhesive because it doesn’t allow the sweat to vaporize from pore. Some other considerations might depend on your demand. If you want to wear a wig to go to the pool, the water proof adhesive will be right choice. Other people want to use double-sized tape instead of glue but tape could only exist for 2 to 3 days only.

  1. Prepare your skin for the lace frontal wigs

Hey! Do you miss this step? You shouldn’t actually. Well, taking out your micellar water and cotton pad and clean around the skin area you want to apply the adhesive on because any excess oil on your skin could result in shorter longevity of the bond. In case of sensitive skin, you could apply serum to protect your skin also. However, you have to make sure that your skin is quite dry before apply the adhesive.

  1. Prepare your patience to apply the adhesive

Closure, Frontal, or 360 Frontal

For beginners, you should prepare about 1 inch on your forehead from your Vietnam hair to apply the glue. You can use brush – the applicator and or your hand to apply the adhesive evenly. Some people find the applying adhesive is quite struggling (not easy as some tutorial videos on Youtube) because the glue is quite sticky and condensed that makes you feel uncomfortable to make it even. That’s when you need your patience to gradually spread the glue evenly on your skin but need to be fast, otherwise the glue will dry. Moreover, you need to make the glue line is a line – which is not clumsy line because you will cut the excess wig of Wholesale hair based on the glue line.

  1. How to make invisible bonds

The most interesting step in wearing lace frontal wigs in particular, wig in general is to make it invisible.

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Alright, these are 5 steps to wearing lace frontal wigs! If you don’t have time to do so, just buy a high class wig from Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!