Nov 01,2018

6 beautiful bob hairstyles for round face

Long bob, slanted parting bob, shoulder hair bob, curly bob for round face, bob hair for round face and bob hair styles for other beautiful round faces. The beautiful bob hairstyles help women to cover all imperfection on round face. Today, Oscar Hair will give you some bob hairstyles with different features to give you an impressive look and more confident when going out every day.

Long bob for round face

beautiful bob hairstyles for round face

True to its name, long bob hair is the best combination of all the advantages. This style brings a new breeze and many famous actors welcome. Some famous people are also very interested in this Vietnamese hair trend. If you are looking for a bob hairstyle for a round face, why not try this new hairstyle? It will definitely satisfy you.

Slanted parting bob

Long hairstyles give us a nice touch but the bob hairstyles for the round face also give a youthful and dynamic look. Especially when combining with this style, it is never unfashionable to create an energetic look. Not only helps to make her beautiful, more attractive, this hairstyle is also short hairstyles that help women more than 35 years old to work effectively. Moreover, the sparse bang bob is also interested by many young people. If you are bored with slanted bangs, you can try to change with this hairstyle.

Shoulder hair bob

Today the shoulder length hair is also impressive choice. This style is loved by personality girls, shouldered beautiful Vietnam remy hair brings luxurious look, stylish and modern. This is not just a bob hairstyle for the round face, it also suits for all different face shapes. Creating a sense of grace, slim and square, it gives us a soft feel for the face. Besides the bob hairstyle is quite familiar you should change to create a new hair trend

Curly bob for round face

Curly bob for round face

In addition to the simple hairstyles, you can make your Vietnamese lace clousure hair curly to keep up with the hair trend this year. This is a perfect suggestion for teenage girls who like new and modern things.  Although it is fastidious, you only need to create a style to use in 5 to 6 months. This curly hair with a round face is not too big, because the swelling of curls will bring a bobbing feeling. It can also apply for all four seasons without worry of unfashionable, inconvenience or unfavorable weather

 Bob hair for big and round face

It is a popular hairstyle that is very attractive to cover up defects. The girls can enjoy variation with slanted bangs, long bangs or choose other bangs to refresh appearance. To suit every outfit and confident with a bigger round face, you should choose more hair color. Orange and pink are very girlly. Although it just creates a simple look but it is loved by many boys.  Being gentle hair makes other opposite sex infatuated

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Other beautiful bob hairstyles for round face

If you still have not found the right hairstyle then look at some more suggestions with grey short bob or lightly wavy short bob. Although it is not the hot u tips hair extensions style, this is enough to make the girls who love bob hair style more lovely and beautiful. In order to make your hair look more attractive, you should combine different hair colors. You can choose dyed reddish brown hair, dye ombre even dyed gray smoke. This way bring new wind for the old style to become more attractive