Feb 22,2019

5 Styling tips for human hair extensions

Styling hair is fun! It’s addicted to change your hair texture everyday, every week and try various of look. Styling hair becomes a joy for all girls when hair extensions to this world. No worry of damage to your natural hair anymore! However, in order to maintain the overall longevity of human hair extension, there are 5 Style tips for human hair extensions you need to know.

Tip 1: Overnight braids

Braiding your hair extension overnight is not only the way to protect hair extension from tangling and breakage but also the way to style it. No heat involve! Stay tuned and find out how it works!

Step 1: Braid your natural hair and hair extension

Braid your natural hair

Starting braiding your hair in the styles you like. The thicker your hair is, the more braids your put in your hair and the tightness of the wave depends on how small the braids are. French or Dutch braid is appropriate if you are keen on the wave up to your roots.

You can braid your natural colour hair and hair extension together but from my experience, I prefer braid them separately. The ability to suffer pressure and pulling of each type is different, that’s why I decide to separate them.

Step 2: Applying hair styling gel

Hair styling gel is your secret weapon to keep the waves stay longer as using heat styling tool.  Applying your hair gel on each braids is a resourceful tip for you, in this way, the perfectly formed waves with be with them in the morning when you unravel your hair. Choosing the hair styling gel carefully and make sure that you apply the suitable amount to your hair, not cause your hair sit flat.

Step 3: Take a tight sleep and wake up with perfect waves

Satin and silk pillow is highly recommend to sleep with hair extension since these materials don’t cause frizz to your hair and ready to wake up! It’s time to unravel your braids! Remove the braids from both your hair and your hair extensions to reveal your waves. Using your finger to unravel your braids instead of comb (your fingers are more gentle).Tada! You’ll be ready in the 10 minutes. For this convenient and safety make the cold styling method becomes a new trend today, not only for natural hair but also for hair extension!

Tip 2: Using heat protectant when hot styling

Styling hair extension with heating tool is very popular since its convenience, fast effect, and the waves last longer than cold method. One important tip here is you shouldn’t forget to apply heat protectant. Your hair extension is very sensitive to heat, high temperature could dry your hair extension like straws! Be careful to set the medium temperature and use heat protectant for the sake of your hair extension. This could slower your process to style your hair but it’s safer! If your hair is super dry, after hot styling, don’t forget to use hair spray to make sure your hair is fully hydrated.

Tip 3: Styling your hair extension when your natural hair is short and ombre

If your natural hair is dyed in two tone, one is darker and one is lighter, you should mix and match hair extension from two set of different colour and blend together. First, you need to brush your natural hair carefully to make sure that your natural hair is in the same direction. Second, pulling back most of your hair and just leave a tiny little piece out at the bottom behind your head. Grabbing the bottom part and twist it up and use the pin to hold it flat. It is where you apply the first hair extension layer which is darker (chestnut colour for example) because the natural hair look should start with darker tone. After that, just going on with lighter layers to make your hair layers blend together. Your hair will look like sun kissed highlight but in natural look. Repeating the same steps until you achieve the wishing amount of wholesale hair.

Tip 4: Using good quality hair extension styling tool!

Yes, of course! All of your hair extension tools should be in good quality! It is not only the problem about the longevity of tools but the proper way they work also.

  • Comb. You should choose comb that is made from natural materials like wood, bamboo or ivory (if any!) and a wide tooth comb is very necessary for your hair extension to avoid hair loss.
  • Heating tool. A heating tool with different levels of temperature is better than one with just 3 levels : low, medium and high. It is advisable for you to be exact with the temperature you want to apply on your hair extension.
  • Hair roller. Basically, there are 2 types of hair roller: the hard plastic roller and the cotton or foam rubber one. The latter is for sleeping because it is soft and doesn’t irritate your sleep and the former one is for other situations when you stay up. Don’t be confusing with these 2 types. Someone has the habit of using hair roller with heating tool, that’s too much for your hair, just let the hair rolles do their job if you’re not in hurry

Styling tips for human hair extensions

One more important notice in using hair extension styling tool is not overusing it. It sounds very ridiculous because if cannot be used frequently, what reasons those tools come to this world? Hot styling tool totally can cause breakage and dryness to your hair in the way that destroy the hair cuticle, for that reason, you shouldn’t use hot styling tool frequently.

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Tip 5: Choosing the trustful hair extension provider!

Last but not least, the high class quality of a hair extension is the very good start for any styling tips. The human hair extension couldn’t be in cheap price, so if you catch up a hair extension bundle in a cheap price, it must be mixed with heat resistant fibers or non remy hair. Oscarhair is now a leading Vietnamese human remy hair providers with trustful products and customer service. If you are finding a good provider for your hair extension, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!