Nov 10,2018

3 beautiful hair color for every girlfriend

They are beautiful hair color for every girlfriend of OSCAR HAIR.

  1. Smoky color hair

beautiful hair color for every girlfriend

Dyed hair smoke color not only bring a deep impression to the opposite but also express the personality of the owner. In order to achieve the right color of the Vietnam hair and the shine of the hair, girls also need to look for skilled dyers.

Dyed brown hair, gray, blue, silver smoke are beautiful single drawn hair color leather for her. She can choose to smoke in the tail of the hair combination of other colors or smoke the entire hair fits well.

  1. Yellowish hair

The same yellow color for hair, but brown hair color will bring youthful modern features for any girl. You can easily spot the lightness soaring, even dreaming through each blonde hair. But the brightness that yellow brings back the youthful, modern. Even fresh, full of vitality for the young.

  1. Hair dye ombre

Hair dye ombre

Ombre is a wig hair color that is being pursued by her personalities. Ombre dyed I tip hair extensionshair is welcomed by the majority of sisters because this is a fashionable and colorful hair color. The variety of colors as well as the use of colors to mix in a flexible manner has confirmed the unique color of your hair.