Nov 03,2018

2 hot hair trends for summer 2019

Update 2 most trendy hair trends for the summer of 2019 add dynamic to this stylish season so many styles. Tet is hot in the summer and this seems to have become a reality in the last few years. If the day before, hair plaid seems to be associated only with the girl’s girlhood now, hair is also regarded as a manifestation manifestation of the personality, rebellious girls. And many other beautiful hairstyles will be suggested soon for her choose offline. Oscarhair would like to introduce the current trend of beautiful hair for many girlfriends summer selection.

Hair dye highlight naturally

hot hair trends for summer 2019

Natural highlighting is the trend of single drawn hair tingling for summer 2019. Unlike the classic highlight dyed with prominent curls, the natural highlight makes for a very smooth, smooth color transition. All the double drawn hair that makes the hair look as if it always reflects the sunlight very shining. Natural highlight dye can be applied with a variety of dyes ranging from chestnut brown to yellowish brown to smoky,..

Blonde hair with black root hair

Long Hair Style 2019(continue)

Even half of the girls with light colored hair are “hate bitter” new hair roots grow out and often go to the “treatment” as soon as they appear. But, “black hair” is exactly one of the trendiest hair trends this summer! In terms of objectivity, the black hairstyle makes your blonde / blonde Viet Nam human hair look more prominent and makes you look cooler too. So, do not be too pressured to keep your dyed hair done perfectly, because sometimes it will make you look cooler, more liberal and … more fashionable,