Mar 20,2019

Where is hair product suppliers in the world?

With the emergence of technology today, there is no barrier between buyers and suppliers, especially in hair extension industry which is greatly growing. The buyers could be easy to find the hair product suppliers around the world with one click. However, the problem is how to find the hair extension wholesalers to gain the best price among a lot of hair suppliers. In this post, we are going to show you where is hair suppliers in the world or in other words, how could you find them to gain the best price ?


  • Why do you need to sort out the good hair product suppliers?

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Are every hair product suppliers the same? The answer is no. In this discussion we only talk about the human hair extension only so synthetic hair suppliers are not referred here. Because human hair extension is made of human hair (of course!), the quality is greatly dependent on the suppliers who sort out, classify and process the human hair, also because of natural origin of this hair extension types, the quality of human hair extension depends on the country or region where the hair comes from. For example, there are Vietnamese hair extension, Brazil hair or Chinese hair or Italian hair with different characteristics like hair extensions from European countries (if it is authentic) are very soft and thin fibers with natural colour like brown, blonde color but Vietnamese hair extension are soft yet strong fibers with natural colour is black or dark brown which is necessary to be through some chemical process to bleach or dye to change the colour of hair. You should be aware that some European hair extension suppliers sell closure and wig that are originated from Asian countries, so if you are not well-informed about the origin of hair, you might have wrong choice.

Therefore, you need to choose the hair suppliers carefully because:

1.1 You will get the right hair quality as you wish

As mentioned above, human hair extension could be varied in hair texture depending on the origin of hair, in order to get the right hair extension as you wish, you need to find a trustful hair suppliers who are very close to the origin market. For example, you want a super double drawn hair from Vietnam because it is soft and you are black hair fan, you should find a Vietnamese hair extension suppliers like Oscarhair instead of a hair suppliers from European countries otherwise you have to pay the mark-up price and the suspicions about the origin of the product. We call it ‘supplier geographical segmentation’. Even though you are familiar with some European or US brand name, you should change your mind now. The human hair extension product is unlike other goods, brand awareness doesn’t talk much about the hair quality because remy hair extension cannot be through so much process, the role of hair suppliers are not different so much from small company or big brands. Choosing the closest hair suppliers to the hair source is your best choice because the only strategy to differentiate in hair industry is the quality, all of the supplementary services like delivery services or customer services are not difficult to imitate or outsource or even technology to process the hair extension are not a secret anymore.

1.2 You will get the best  human hair extension price


Absolutely yes! The closer to hair source, the lower mark-up price the companies charges. Obviously, the company which is far from hair source has to mark price up to cover the cost for delivery, for marketing cost, for more days of inventory and so on. If you see any company selling the hair with the price equal to hair-source company, you have to think twice. For example, many hair companies in European mixing the European hair with Asian hair to sell at lower price than European hair, that’s cheating and you won’t get the right quality of hair.

The best price here doesn’t mean you get the lowest price. Human hair extensions are never in cheap price because the availability of high quality human hair is always low. Hence, there are so many company mixing human hair with animal fur or mixing remy hair with non-remy hair, mixing many types of hair together to cut costs. The fact that the best price should be the reasonable price for high-quality product. If the product is in high-class quality, it couldn’t be cheap. For example, Oscarhair who is wholesaler of Vietnamese remy hair always produce the 100% remy hair product, its price is not cheap even Oscarhair is closer to the hair source, but Oscarhair is taking advantage of that to ensure the availability of human remy hair and the hair is always sorted out very carefully.

  1. Good hair suppliers in the world

Different from other industry, hair industry is greatly dependent on the material source. Vietnam, China and India are the 3 big players in hair industry with great source.  While China is competitive with low price, India is competitive with highest availability, Vietnam emphasizes the high quality product. Besides the different in characteristics of hair, China is very famous for Alibaba and Aliexpress network – the main online selling channel to the rest of the world, Vietnam debuts later but are catching up very fast with social media such as facebook, instagram, website and very agile about the delivery, customer services and payment services, therefore, Vietnam is more potential in brand awareness than China but China has more suppliers.

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