Mar 21,2019

What is the human hair’s OSCAR HAIR made of?

It’s time to say goodbye to synthetic hair, heat resistant fiber with “doll” look ! Obviously, in order to blend 100% well, the material should be 100% similar, therefore, human hair will definitely be the most ideal material for hair extension. Have you ever ask what characteristic which the human hair made of to be the best solution for your glorious look?  You won’t have to worry about the differences in hair texture a lot or always worry to be detected. In this discussion today, we will provide some basic knowledge to you about human hair extension. Stay tuned and find out with us !

Human hair is obviously made of human hair! However, what makes the human hair of Oscarhair become so favourable? These followings are some main reasons to put the Oscarhair human hair extension in your cart now!


  • High quality human hair
Vietnamese U tips Straight Hair Extension 20inches
Vietnamese U tips Straight Hair Extension 20inches


In fact, not all human hair could be suitable to make human hair extension. Non remy hair couldn’t be used to make high quality hair extension. Long and thick fibers but dyed hair couldn’t be used too. Original hair but so soft and thin is also excluded from the input material for human hair extension. Talking about those examples to make the point clearly that only high quality original hair can be used to make human hair extension. For Oscarhair, they use 100% high quality human hair to make hair extension. You should take a look at their products on website, some hot products like #12 color Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair 18 inches, #83 Color Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Straight Hair 20 inches, 18 inches Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft romantic curly Hair and so on are made of 100% good human hair only. Why ?

The human hair, unlike other goods, is very vulnerable to external factors like sunshine, moisture or chemical. In order to make a good human hair quality, sorting out the hair source is very important. After collecting the human hair from hair source, the workers of Oscarhair have to work in painstaking process to sort out the best hair fibers, classify the colour and natural texture. Don’t get me wrong that virgin hair from one girl is always good. Even though the hair from one girl will ensure the similar in texture, the hair fibers need more effort to sort out because not all hair fibers from one girl will meet the standards to be human hair extension. Oscarhair always select the best hair fibers to make the virgin hair from one girl to introduce to customer. It is a painstaking process and it costs a lot of effort to do, but the result is excellent. With other product line, the painstaking process is combining hair from different source but has to ensure the similar in texture for example Oscarhair’s worker never combine the thin hair with thick and coarse hair, it is easy to detect the differences and devalue the product quality. Hence, the workers in Oscarhair are all skillful workers and know intuitively the standard of human hair extension.

Moreover, unlike other hair source from European countries, Vietnamese human hair is naturally black or dark brown so to be adapt to the demand of different customers in different countries, the human hair has to be processed under chemical to bleach and dying. That’s why the input hair material need to be in high quality to suffer from those kinds of chemical. All of the input hair material in Oscarhair is with thick cuticle and strong fibers, that’s why the products to end users are always in natural and  beautiful look. Oscarhair knows deeply that after purchasing product with available texture and hair colour, the beloved customers could customize the human hair extension at home with heating tools or dying again. Therefore, the human hair of Oscarhair must be in the high class quality at the first time. Even the sales team of Oscarhair are in love with their products because the hair extensions in Oscarhair are even better than their natural hair !

  1. Well- informed hair extension

For example, you are searching for 20 inches Double Twist wavy Hair and you find a lot of results on Google but you have little idea about the truly origin of the hair. What if that hair extension would be in mixture of European and Asian hair but sold in European price? That’s the common problem of almost every hair extension company that they cannot be transparent about the origin of hair for easily to marking price up. With Oscarhair, they are always be clear about the product information and always ready to answer every questions from customer because they only use the Vietnamese human hair.

20 inches Vietnamese Double Twist wavy Hair

Coming to the Oscarhair service, you are not only well-informed about the hair extension but also the payment policy, refund policy and delivery service. Especially, the knowledgeable customer services team with over 10 years experience in hair industry have a lot of interesting tips to share with you and to help you use human hair extension best. The customer service staff always consider customer as friends and don’t hesitate to give free consultant service, if you need a quick hair consultant, Oscarhair is here for you. For example, you are wondering about the dos and don’ts in using human hair extension for your next party, just 1 click to customer service team of Oscarhair and hundreds of updated tips are waiting for you.

Thanks to the high quality hair extension which is also the strong competitiveness of Oscarhair, they can do everything to assert the quality of products and the benefit and experience of customer in using Oscarhair’s hair extension are always top priority. If there any chances to improve the customer experience, Oscarhair is very competitive to learn and improve.

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Those above are some ideas about the human hair extension. Feel free to call Oscarhair through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information! Goodbye and see you later in the next upcoming discussion!

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