Jan 09,2019

What are the best types of hair extensions for thinning hair?

Hair extension is the new solution to upgrade your hair beauty nowadays. However, choosing the suitable types of hair extension for your biological hair is better than choosing the most beautiful hair extension because protecting your biological hair is the most fundamental requirement. What if you had thinning hair? What are the best types of hair extensions for thinning hair? Stay with us and figure out!


  • Thinning hair concerns

the best types of hair extensions for thinning hair


Everyone may struggle with some imperfections of their body and wants to change them. Someone wants to change their belly size, the skin tone, the nose, the eye colour and so on but in my case, changing my hair volume is the thing I want to change most because I have a thin hair. It is not a guilt, but a thin hair always make me insecure for their disadvantages.

1.1 Washing hair almost everyday

Yes, I always envious with flatmate when her hair looks like fresh for 3 or 4 days without washing but for thin hair, it’s easy to sit flat with sweat and dust. I have to make friends with dry shampoo for a long time.

1.2 Unhealthy look

The thin hair maybe genetic problem and has no relation to your health, you were born with less pores on the head than other people, you can live healthily with your thin hair but a thin hair always make other people conceive of oldness, sickness (when the body cannot nourish hair and save nutrition and energy to serve other organs). Many researchers show that human want to make friends and develop relationship with healthy people, but your hair, unconsciously, badly affect your image in other eyes. Moreover, unhealthy look also detracts your motivation to get out of house and shine your beauty.

1.3 Being limited in choosing hair styles

This is the worst thing for thin hair owners. Some simple hair styles such as high bun, ponytail are out of your reach since it “denounces” your hair thinness. Who else want a bun as small as an onion or a ponytail as thin as cat’s tail? Curling your hair is another battle, even you meticulous curl your hair and use spray, the curls are easy to fall out. The only escape out of thin hair is short and straight hair.

  1. The best hair extension for thinning hair?

best types of hair extensions for thinning hair

If your thin hair is genetic problem, or at-birth problem, you have no way to change your biological hair, but you can change your look thanks to hair extension. Hence, what are the best hair extensions for thinning hair? Among hundred types of hair extension, tape in hair extension should be your best solution for you thin hair due to some reasons.

2.1 Invisibility

The first and foremost requirements for extension for thin hair is invisibility because the thin hair couldn’t hide the joint between the real hair and  as well as normal hair or thick hair. The hair extension must sit flat and transparent enough to cheat the untrained eyes, so the tape in is the best choice. The tape in hair extension with transparent tape cannot be detected easily and the tape is very thin, even you touch to the seam, you cannot tell the difference between the real hair and the hair extensions. Unlike I tip, U tip hair extension that the glue seam is quite bulky to hide under thin hair layers, clip in with bulky clips, tape in hair extension is safer to wear. Furthermore, the tape in sits flat along your hairline and is apply between two strands of real hair like sandwich, it  is more difficult to detect the hair extension.

2.2 Lightweight and no damage

The second benefit of wearing tape in hair extension is no damage to your biological hair. With thin hair owner, the less hair loss, the better so choosing the hair extension which is light weight like tape in extension doesn’t cause hair breakage or strain to scalp like others is the best choice for you.

Applying tape in hair extension requires no glue, no heat, no rings or beads, so it doesn’t cause any strain to your real hair fibers, minimize your hair loss as much as possible. The tape in hair pieces are very thin and blend to your hair with ease, there’s no reason to worry about hair breakage.

Also because of lightweight, your hair extension can move natural in winds like your real hair. Thus, if you want a hair extension bringing “my hair but better” look, go for tape-in hair extension.

The tape-in hair could be reusable but removing step of tape-in cause minimal damage to your hair trend color because it doesn’t involve any heat or glue remover.

  1. How to apply tape in hair extension for thin hair
  • Single application method

As you know, tape in extension is a common Vietnam hair extension but for thin hair, you should choose single application method. Instead of bonding two tape weft hair extensions together like you would for a normal tape application, one tape weft extension is placed on the wholesale hair and the other side is sealed with a single sided piece of tape, this way reduce the strain to your hair significantly.

  • Micro tape in hair extension

If you have super thin hair or you want a highlight tape in, micro tape in is your solution. This type is very small tape pieces adding to your real thin hair to increase volume and length. Micro tape in is the best alternative choice for thin hair because thin hair couldn’t use hot fusion extension or micro rings hair extensions. Even micro tape in hair extension takes more time to finish than normal tape in or single tape in, the result is great for your super thin hair.

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All in all, if you have thin hair like me, go for tape in hair extension, it saves your effort and money so much! Let’s call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!