Mar 05,2019

Tips to maintain natural hair

“ Natural hair is above all”, Amy said to me that. Yes, she is right. The natural hair is one of the biggest concern of all women but not all women have strong hair enough or their hair is damaged which affect the confidence of women a lot. We have a lot of human hair extension with impressive quality but nothing can replace the natural hair. Hair extension is just a band-aid solution for natural hair problem which we have to encounter with it, later or sooner. In this discussion today we will take a look at some updated tips to maintain natural hair. 

1.Learn your hair and your scalp

Hair care products from natural ingredients



Sounds silly but not! Like skincare you have to know your skin, your should learn your hair and your scalp before hair care. For the types of hair, we divide it based on the hair texture. If your hair is fine, kinky, tight corkscrews, light-based hair care products are for you. In case of oily scalp and weak hair, argan oil is for you.

  1. Regular conditioning

If you are oily hair, you might be against this idea because your hair is always oily already! The reason why your scalp have to produce a lot of oil is your hair lose oily regularly. Harsh shampoo, dry weather or any harsh detergent could be the culprits. It is advisable for you to learn the ingredients of your daily shampoo from now on because some of them could make your oily hair worse. Adding more moisture to human hair by regular conditioning is a good action to help your scalp adjust itself in producing oil. However, it doesn’t mean you have to apply the  conditioner to your scalp which can make your pores be clogged, applying the conditioner only to your hair shaft. The safe choice for you is choosing the hair conditioner in the same line with your shampoo because each line in each brand has different formula for their products.

Weekly, you should spend 1 time to deep hair conditioning. Leaving the hair mask on your hair extensions in 1 to 2 hours in a nylon cap is the best way to recover your hair. The silky and shining hair will come up with you right after.

Notice: if you have dyed hair, hair mask for coloured hair is necessary.

  1. Nourishing your hair from inside

Sometimes the problem in your body results in the problem in your hair such as breakage, dry and thinness, that’s when you need to take in some certain vitamins that directly help your hair and nails. Vitamin A, C and H (sometimes called biotin) could contribute to your hair lock. Besides, a diet with full of antioxidants and a lot of water could balance your body from inside and improve your hair health in 2 weeks. Marine proteins should be also included in your daily diet: salmon, oyster, mackerel, tuna, and sardines can help to improve your hair so much. The voluptuous hair is waiting for you!

Moreover, your hair will say thanks to you if you avoid stress and stimulative substance like coffee, alcohol and give up sugary food. Many research indicate the bad effect of stress on your body and your single drawn hair in particular. Stress makes your body producing some toxics, make  scalp produce more oil, stop the growth and recovery of hair shaft.

  1. Don’t applying  heat too much on your hair

This is a classic question blow dry or air dry?  You might prefer the blow dry because it is more convenient and very necessary when you are in hurry. Blow dry is also very effective in floating your hair. However, the fact is heat is not a good friend for your hair. The high temperature could cause oil loss and  make your hair dry. If possible, you’d better make friends with air dry or low heat dry. It doesn’t mean you have to suffer the wet hair in hours, you can use the summer dry mode on your hair dryer to make sure that the heat couldn’t do harm to your hair cuticle. If you are going to use blow dry, keep your hair dryer 6 inches away for your natural hair.

Hot styling hair should be avoided also. Heat styling to curl or to style hair could be your habit in many years and that’s a reason why your hair is broken, dry and uneven colour. Trying some cold overnight styling will be a good remedy to maintain your natural hair such as French bunch or Dutch bunch for the safest result.  

Taking the hot shower is also your habit for many years, isn’t it? The hot shower will bring the relaxing and cleaning feelings to your body but actually it is not good for your hair. If your hair is coloured, you will see washing your hair with hot shower will wash off your the colour on your hair very fast. The same thing will also happen with the natural hair, hot water will erode all the oil and even the natural melanin of your hair, a research shows that the cold water could make your hair grow faster and make your colour (if any) on your hair is more long-lasting.

  1. Using sunscreen hair spray

Have you ever touch to feel your hair after suffering hours under sunshine? Like your skin, your hair is also need sunscreen to avoid damage. The sunscreen hair spray should be in your bag right now, it is convenient and protect your tape in hair from UV ray of sunshine. It is also convenient when you are travelling and make u more confident when doing outdoor activities.

Hooray! Those are 5 tips to maintain natural hair, we hope that it will be useful for you to achieve a perfect hair look! If you don’t have enough time to take care of natural hair or your hair is under treatment, hair extension is a alternative for you. Call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information!