Mar 29,2019

The advantages and disadvantages of clip-ins

If you are going to buy a clip-ins hair extension, there’re something you need to pay attention to like price, quality or provider but for newcomers, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of clip-ins is much more important. Many woman get swayed by the magical transformation of hair extension bringing to but the dark side, unfortunately, not so many providers refer to. In order to know whether clips in is for you, we are going to look in to the pros and cons of this type of hair extension


  • Advantages of clip-ins

Clip-ins a choice for busy women


The reason why clip-ins are so favourable among beauty junkies because of its superiority than other hair extensions. It is not deniable that clip-ins is a great invention of hair industy helping a lot of women overcome hair problem and turn their shine on. What advantages clip-ins bring to users? Stay tuned and find out!

1.1 No commitment along with clip in hair extension

Unlike hot fusion hair extension or wigs from hair bulk, it is not necessary for you to go to hair salon to take the hair extension out. Or in other words, you can remove the clip in straight hair extension with ease. This advantage is perfect for any girls who want to change style frequently. Or you just need hair extension for special occasion like wedding, ceremony and so on and you don’t want to wear hair extension all the day. Or you are a newcomer in hair extension and your hesitation to use hair extension is great, clip in hair extension is for you. You have no commitment to wear clip in for a long time like permanent hair extension like hot fusion or wigs from hair bulk which can last for few months. With clip in hair extension, you just need 2 minutes to remove hair extension from your head, that’s so convenient. Clip in hair extension is wonderful for those who want to wear extension occasionally.

1.2 Easy to install

In comparison to other hair extensions, clip in hair extension is the easiest solution to achieve the new hair look. It is really important when you are hectic lifestyle or workaholic because some hair extensions like hot fusion or wigs, tape in could require you an  appointment with hair stylists, it never happens with clip ins. Clip ins could be installed by yourself at home at your most comfortable chair and mirror. Just a few minutes and you are finished a lustrous new hair look with clip in.

Moreover, finding a good enough hair stylists who could help you have good experience with hair extension is not easy. Hair stylists must have some certificates about human health, human skin and have enough experience with different kinds of scalp and hair that could make you feel comfortable with hair extension. With clip-in, everything is in your hand, you can control the pressure on your scalp very sensitively, adjust the amount of hair layers, adjust the hair length that makes you feel good. In addition, don’t worry if you are the first time applying clip in because it doesn’t require any special skills, it is very easy to install so you could minimize the damage caused  by your non experience.

1.3  The most affordable hair experience

As mentioned, you don’t need to go to hair salon or get an appointment with hair stylists to use clip-ins hair extension so it saves you a lot of money for installation. You could totally apply and remove clip in hair extension at home and it costs you only minimal time and effort. That makes clip-ins be the most affordable hair extension in the world. Moreover, the price of human hair clip-ins extension is not too high, with the development of hair industry, modern production line, Oscarhair could provide the best clip in hair extension with lower cost than rivals leading  to lower price. Hence, if you are searching for a new hair look but don’t want to invest so much money, clip ins suits best for you. You could entirely find a good clip in extension made of 100% human hair that help blend very well to your natural hair with reasonable price. Oscarhair with competitive edge which is close to human hair source provides to you the best human hair clip ins with lowest price on the market. Don’t hesitate to buy a clip in hair extension because it worths each of your dollar. Furthermore, clip-ins is the hair extension type having the longest life expectancy, could be up to 3 years with proper care, so you don’t need to re-purchase so many times, it saves you a huge amount of money in long term. Clip ins from Oscarhair with high quality human hair will be used in long term with different hair styling and saves you a lot of money. Choosing clip in hair extension is an economical way to boost up your hair look.

1.4 Clip ins hair extension is comfortable to use

It’s time to say goodbye to the prejudice that clip in is something bulky and itchy! Clip ins from Oscarhair with new smart design are very soft and handy clip help you totally control the clip ins without mistakes. The clips are small to hide in your natural hair and lightweight to ensure the natural movement of the hair, but strong to not deform in use. Many customers feedback that they can even sleep on clip in with no damage. Moreover, if you are thin hair owner, you should choose new smart design of clip in, it doesn’t put so much pressure on your hair and prevent hair breakage.

  1. Disadvantages of clip-ins

However, clip-ins still have some disadvantages that users should consider before purchase. Clip-ins are not suitable for severe hair loss because the level of coverage hair loss of clip ins is not as good as wigs or lace closure, clip-ins does best at thicken hair layer and lenthen hair.

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That’s all about the advantages and disadvantages of clip-ins, if you are going to buy a new hair extension, you should consider those pros and cons. For more information, please contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!