Nov 12,2018

Steps Use Hair Extensions for Volume

Using Hair extensions for volume is great because they can be applied to any hair type. All it takes is a few snips and strategic clipping to get big, voluminous hair in just a few minutes without adding length as well as damaging your hair.

You will need: trimming scissors, your hair extensions, a steady hand

Steps Use Hair Extensions for VolumeSteps Use Hair Extensions for Volume 2

If you are using hair extensions for volume rather than length, the 20 inch extensions will likely be longer than your natural hair, unless you already have long hair. Since  Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, all you need to go is give the extensions a trim to match your natural hair’s length, to use the extensions just for volume. You should have a professional hairstylist trim your wefts for you, however,  you can do this yourself at home with trimming scissors. Your scissors are as sharp as possible, to cut accurately and smoothly. Otherwise, the hair will bend, rather than cut

How to trim your hair extensions

It is not necessary to trim your entire set of extensions. Depending on your hair type, just a few wefts can make a big difference in the thickness of your hair.Our hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, they come naturally straight. Therefore, we recommend  you should straighten your hair as well, to match the texture of the extensions before cutting them. This will ensure that the length you cut the extensions to is accurate, otherwise, when you style the extensions, they will appear shorter than you originally thought.

Trim your extensions weft by weft

In order to trim your hair extensions yourself so that they are the same length as your natural cheap human wavy hair you need to clip your extensions in weft by weft, and trim off the excess length each time, instead of snipping off a huge chunk of hair at one go. You have to patience. If your hair is layered, you will want to follow the length of the layers, trimming each weft a little shorter the higher up on your head that it is clipped in.

In order to make sure that the wefts you are cutting look natural, you should first cut the hair horizontally to ensure that you are cutting the weft straight, leaving the weft about half an inch longer. Then, turn your scissors and snip vertically along the edge to feather the ends. This will make the ends of the weft look much more natural, rather than extremely blunt, which is not how natural hair grows.

After finishing, your hair extensions are the same length as your Vietnam virgin hair and you can pop your wefts in whenever you feel like having some extra, voluminous hair for a night out or even everyday.

In case your hair is longer than 20 inches


If your hair is longer than 20 inches, this is the ideal situation for you. In this case, you can simply clip your hair extensions in right out of the box, to use for volume rather than length. Even if your hair is an inch or two longer than your hair extensions, the extra wefts clip in hair extensions will still do the trick to add volume and thickness to your hair, without the length being too noticeable.