Jan 11,2019

Reasons to be thankful for your curly hair extensions

The most interesting and most painstaking steps of choosing the suitable hair extension is choosing suitable hair styles. In this post, we have to say that it is thankful for your curly hair extensions due to the benefits of it. If you are finding a new hair styles that bring you the most convenient, the most brand new beauty, curly hair extension should be in your wishlist now!

Reasons to be thankful for your curly hair extensions

There are some reasons for you to be thankful for curly hair extensions:


  • Versatile


One of the best benefit of curly hair extensions is its versatility. You can try the variety of hair color trend 2019 from curly hair extension: cute braid, fierce ponytail or top knot are match very well with curly texture. More joyful, most of hair accessories like beanies, headbands, head wraps, scarves-pretty much anything and everything work well with curly hair extension. It’s time for you to make fun with your hair now! In comparison to other clip-in hair extensions type, curly hair extension are quite more “amiable” to hair accessories, you never look ridiculous when you match hair accessories with curly hair extension. It’s difficult to pick up some most suitable accessories, it’s your turn to discover!

One more important point is curly hair could match with many outfit! Outdoor outfit, dating outfit, photo shooting outfit, formal or informal outfit, all of them can mix and match very well with curly hair.

  1. Stand out in the crowd

In a world that everyone is trying to detangle and invest in sleek look, your curly hair will be the highlight. Who wants to blend in the crowd? Certainly not you! You couldn’t be lost in the party with a lot of wavy or straight hair, your bouncy and funky look will be outstanding indeed. In fact, people often take the notice of hairstyles in the party more than clothes or makeup because in the limelight, people tend to look at the highest point first, and it is your hair. What makes your curl hair outstanding? The first is volume look. The curl texture supports the volume look best among hair extension. You don’t ever need dry shampoo or hairspray to volume up your hair anymore, curl hair extension will serve you best. Curly hair also support the untamed look that contribute to your lively appearance. Your healthy look will be the big highlight of the party.  Furthermore, curly hair is unique and personality. You can find hundred types of curly hairstyles from loose curly, twist curly, frizzy curly and so on in different length that will satisfy your personality. Big, bold and beautiful, that’s what curly hair extension help you shine.

  1. Low maintenance and hair care

In comparison to other hair types, curly hair is quite lower maintenance and hair care, that’s good news for hectic girls who don’t have enough time and effort to take care of hair extension.

3.1 Less combing and washing

thankful for your curly hair extensions

Actually, if you comb your curly hair weave, it doesn’t make your hair better, even make counter effect that harms to the curls, the fibers couldn’t hold the curls well if you brush too frequently. If you want to detangle your curly extension, a wide tooth comb is advisable. Wake up in the morning, and curly hair are ready to serve your beauty in a minute! How convenient it is!

You can also save your time and effort to wash curly hair extension because you don’t have to wash it frequently. Unlike straight hair, you have to wash it quite frequently, about 2 times per week on average as it’s easy to become sit flat in sweat and dust, with curly hair, this texture is not easy to be greasy so 1 time washing per week is enough. Furthermore, washing curly hair, like combing too much, the curls can come out.

3.2 Fewer knots and tangle

Knots and tangles  in curly hair are less noticeable than straight hair and wavy hair. If detangling hair is painstaking process, even it becomes obsessed trouble to straight hair or wavy hair extension owners, it never happen to curly hair extension. Few knots and tangles ? No problem! Frizz also support the voluminous look of curly hair, so, don’t worry about tangle when you choose curly hair. As you all know, split ends are more visible in straight hair than curly hair so single drawn curly hair extension is not a bad idea if you want to save money.

3.3 Fewer hair care product

Hair care products aren’t cheap at all, are they? With curly hair, you can save a lot of money investing in hair care products (Believe me, a full collection of hair care cost us a treasure indeed!). You don’t have to invest in hair tool like heating curl, rolling tool, flat iron ect since the curly hair bundle is styled already! You are always on point and ready to go out with a lot of volume and personality.  Moreover, if you choose a trustful hair provider, the curly texture can last for a long time ( few years!) before restyling. Especially, blow dry is acceptable to curly hair, which makes the curls become more bouncy and be held longer. Thus, it’s really time saving comparing to air dry, curly hair is the best hairstyle for hectic lifestyle.

Argan oil is highly recommend for curly hair, it doesn’t make the hair sit flat but support the sleek look very well, and it is nature-origin with light base, it doesn’t make virgin hair company sit flat. Argan oil also help recover minimal damage during usage, so , it help extend the life expectancy of hair bundle. You don’t need to use any other types of hair care products to nourish your curly hair bundle.

All in all, that’s why you should be thankful for curly hair extensions because it’s much beneficial for you! If you want to find a trustful provider to buy a strong curly hair extension to upgrade your beauty, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!