Jan 03,2019

How to wash a hair weave

A nice hair weave is must-hair item of every girls nowadays due to its great effect on improving appearance. In order to lengthen the expiry date of hair weave and shorten the money amount you pay to replace One important step of lengthen the life expectancy of hair weave is keeping it clean by washing them. Because the hair weave doesn’t grow from scalp, it isn’t nourished as the real hair. Hence, the washing process has some differences from your real hair. How to wash a human hair weave is the question we need to answer today.

20 inches Vietnamese Double Twist wavy Hair
20 inches Vietnamese Double Twist wavy Hair

The most basic step and the most important step in protecting the hair weave is washing. Only if the hair weave is washed properly, other steps could proceed. A clean human hair weave is a weave that can absorb the nourishing chemicals best. Therefore, investing in washing your human hair weave is a good decision right at first place. There’re many ways to wash a human hair weave but in this discussion today, we only cover some basic and the most efficient steps to save you time and your effort but achieve the best result.

Before you comes to wash the hair, making sure that you wear off hair extension already. I you wear sew-in hair extension, please don’t make harsh wash to the seam of hair extension and your real hair, and check the seam after drying your hair.

  1. Combing

First of all, combing the hair weave before watering it. Don’t forget this basic step, if you don’t detangle the weave, under water, it will become more tangling and easy to be broken. A wide tooth comb is necessary for your hair extension because different from natural hair which could replace, and grow, hair extensions don’t, , so a wide tooth comb doesn’t cause breakage as normal comb. Hence, in order to minimize the hair loss in combing the hair weave, comb gradually in the same direction from top to tip and do it again and again until detangle the whole bundle. A wooden comb or ivory comb (if any) is better than plastic comb since wood or ivory can help you avoid the electrostatic phenomenon in winter or dry day, so are more helpful to detangle the hair weave.

  1. Washing

How to wash a hair weave

After detangling the weave with comb, you should continue with preparing a large stain-resistant  basin or a large sink with warm water and add 2-3 spoons of shampoo. The shampoo is highly recommend to be specifically designed for dry hair which is specialized in moisturise and nourishing your Vietnam hair and softly cleaning the hair. Some people concentrate too much on shampoo of protecting the hair style or hair colour but forget to nourish the hair. There’re some kind of shampoo nowadays being designed specially for hair extension that 3 in 1 function indeed: remain the hair style, maintain the hair colour and cleansing. Choose the right shampoo for your hair is the cheapest way to lengthen expiry date of hair weave. The warm water is important too. If the water is too hot, it damages the cuticle but the cold water cannot help take all the dirt out. Warm water work best with hair weave that help the chemicals dilute easily and promote the power of them. When washing the weave, try to use your palm softly instead of fingers to minimize the damage and hair loss. Under water, the tangles are easily appear, so your fingers cannot detangle it, conversely, cause breakage. The solution for this dilemma is letting it tangle naturally in water, it never could be tangle too much because you already detangle it before watering. Some people believe that it should be hair washed before hair shampooed, in fact, this is only time-consuming indeed.

  1. Hair conditioning and rinsing

After washing gently and carefully, hair conditioning the hair weave is the next step. You should choose the nature-origin hair conditioner like from olive, almond or herbs, if you can’t find them, making sure that you choose the hair conditioner in the same brand with shampoo. Replacing the water and adding some spoons of hair conditioner and dilute them by your hand optionally. Leave the hair extension in that mixture in 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t use too much hair conditioner because your human hair weave which is dead hair, cannot absorb the nourishing chemicals as the same way as your real hair so the hair conditioner hair is just to remove the shampoo, protect the hair cuticle and avoid tangling. Using too much hair condition in this step is just wasted, moreover, if you cannot remove all the hair conditioners, it is attractive to dust. After 15 minutes, your hair weave should be rinsed under the running faucet to remove all the chemicals. Make sure that you hold the weave at the top to let the water run downwards to the tip and erode all the chemicals left.

  1. Drying the hair weave

Gently squeeze the hair to remove partly excess water from the hair bundle or hang out the weft for the water to run out naturally. Drying the human hair weave is also very important stage. You can air dry or blow dry your hair weave depends on your hurry but air dry is highly recommend. If you go for air dry, it is advisable for you to choose the right place with roomy temperature, says no to dusty and too much moisture. Leaving the hair air dry in moisture environment can raise the risk of bacteria and make your remy hair weave bad-smelling.  You had better to wait for your hair extension 80% dry and adding leave-in hair conditioner to keep your hair bundle shining, silky and hold the hair texture.


That brings us to the end of  How to wash the human hair weave, we hope that this information is useful for you. If you want more professional advice or want to own a hair weave for yourself, check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR now!