Jan 02,2019

How to use weft hair extensions of OSCAR HAIR

Besides bulk hair, weft hair is another type of hair extension you will commonly meet and be adored by many girls. Weft hair become indispensable for all beauty junkies thanks to great benefits Thus, what is weft hair and how to use bulk hair extension are the topic for our today’s discussion.

How could you identify the weft hair extensions and classify them?

Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair
Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair

Like bulk hair, weft hair extension is both hair storing way and final product sold to final customer. The human hair, after being collected, was sewn into a weft by hand or by machine for various purposes of using. The length and the thickness of the weft depends on demand of users but it should be made sure that the seams are firm enough to hold the human hair and cause minimal hair loss as much as possible. Moreover, the tightness and thinness of seam are important also because it has the great effect on the natural appearance of hair extension when applying. Who wants the seams of hair extension submerging out of the real hair layers denounce shortcomings of biological hair? Owing to the various technique of making weft hair extension, nowadays we have 3 main types of weft hair:  Hand-tied weft, skin weft and machine weft.

Hand-tied weft, as the name says, it is sewn by hand into few strands of fishing line. There are some more sub-type of hand-tied weft such as traditional hand-tied weft, micro hand-tied weft but the traditional hand-tied weft is more common. It is advantageous to use hand-tied weft because of comfortability and invisibility. The hand-tied wefts are so thinner than other type of weft hair extension, so the users don’t have to worry about the bulkiness of hair extension on the layers of real hair and the detection of seams. However, you cannot cut hand-tied weft in any ways, it will ravel.

As for skin weft hair, the human hair is attached to a piece of synthetic materials look like human skin  with transparent tape behind . You just peel the tape and stick behind the real hair thin layer and continue with other skin weft on top of that real hair, you can conceive the process is simple as a sandwich with real hair layer is in between two layers of skin weft hair extension. Skin weft hair is popular with its comfortability and invisibility as hand-tied weft. Each weft is very thin, additionally, the tape is transparent, no seam at all lead to the no-detection from untrained eyes. However, skin weft hair has quite short life expectancy since  the tape can be loose from time to time under moisture of sweat or unexpected rain or under dusty environment.

The most popular weft hair extension nowadays is machine weft hair. The weft hair stocked at Oscarhair is all machine weft hair. Factories use bulk human hair, spread it evenly to stitch, crochet to make a continuous weft by machine. Most of the factory uses triple-head sewing machine to produce this kind of weft, the hair weft is stitched on both sides to make sure that the hair is held firmly. Hence, machine weft hair often has long-lasting life expectancy, the seams are almost sturdy all the time. The users can fold, roll or clip to store the machine weft without worry of ravelling. More importantly, this type of weft hair extension allows users to cut it into smaller pieces without raveling. This characteristic is very friendly to users, they can stop the hair extension in any length they want but not destroy the weft.

How to use the weft hair extension?

How to use weft hair extensions

As mentioned above, people can take weft hair extension as a way to store the hair before making clip in or use as final product in several ways: weaving, gluing, attaching with microrings.

  1. Weaving

First, weaving is the most classic way to apply weft hair extension. This technique require the help of hairstylist to make sure the amount of hair used or style of hair is suitable for you. The hairstylist will part your hair into sections, tightly braid the sections and hold the braid with rubber band. After that, the hairstylists will choose the right amount of weft hair, measure the length of weft and cut to fit with the length of section, that’s why machine weft hair is very popular, it is cuttable. Then they use needle and thread to sew the weft hair into the real hair braid and carefully hold the end of the weft. They will repeat this process until achieve the right hairstyle. To remove it, you cut the thread in all section, cut the rubber band and brush it.

  1. Gluing

Second, gluing is easier and faster way to attach weft hair. After parting the natural wavy hair and cut the weft to fit with the length of real hair section, the hairstylists will glue the piece of weft and stick to upper edge of real hair part, press until the glue is dry. This process will be repeated with several weft pieces for desired results. Removing the glue is more complicated than weaving, we need to apply glue remover, softly pull the weft out and comb gently many times to make sure there’s no glue left.

  1. Using micro rings

Third, using micro rings is another choice for you. After cutting the right length of weft hair to fit with horizontal real hair part, secure the end of the weft with needle and thread. Then using hook to take 1 strand of real hair with 1 strand of weft and using micro ring to hold both strand. Finally, they will use the pliers to squeeze the rings into quite flat to hold the hair firmly. It is also quite easy and fast way to apply and your weft hair is reusable. When you want to remove it, use the pliers to pull the rings out gently with hair strands and repeat for all pieces.

  1. Making clip in

Finally, converting weft hair into clip in is now new solution for using weft hair. Before making clip in, you should comb , clean the hair first, and then cut the machine weft within suitable length as you want. Next, you place the right side of clips  on the seam line and start sewing the weft into the clips (there are some holes on the clips for you to sew). Don’t forget to sew both side of weft into clips. To finish the clip in hair extension, you knot the thread and cut. That’s all done for your clip-in! Different from making clip in from bulk hair that need double the strands and sewing, making clip in from weft is quite easier and keep the right length and thickness of weft.  Similar to every clip in, to remove it, you just clip out and all hair extension will be removed.

Those above are some ideas to customize your weft hair extension! We hope that those things are help you find the answer for the question How to use the weft hair extension.  If you want a machine weft hair extension, check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR now!