Jan 16,2019

How to use clip-ins?

Hair extensions now is not only for the people who have hair problem like hair loss or baldness anymore, hair extensions now is becoming the  powerful weapon for all women to upgrade the appearance for different situations. Besides red lipstick, hair extension is one of indispensable items of women nowadays. However, choosing the right type of hair extension and being skillful in using it is another problem we should pay attention to. In this discussion today, we will learn how to use clip-ins hair extensions – the most common hair extension types.

use clip-ins hair extensions

The clip-ins are very popular thanks to the easy application and removing, there are few steps you need to follow to use clip-ins safely.

Some basic steps to use clip-ins

Step 1. Start with clean hair

Everything you do with your hair, you should make sure that your hair is clean enough. Any oiliness at the roots may make it difficult to secure your clip-ins comfortably. Check your hair extension also, it could be tangle during shipping to you, so detangling your hair extension is necessary.

Step 2. Sectioning your hair

This step could be applied for many hair colour trend styles.  You should start to divide your hair into 4 section, from ear to ear and front head and back part. You can use your little fingers or the comb to section your hair, it’s up to you, the hairline doesn’t have to straight line perfectly. After that, you hold the sections with large clips.

Step 3. Clip in your hair extension

After dividing your hair into 4 section, which one should we start first? Well, from experience, it’s advisable to start at the back of your head, and taking a backcombing brush or a comb start to gently tease and backcomb the section of hair so that you create a ‘shelf’ to attach your clip in to. Combing this section first will make it easier for the next step. After attaching the hair extension, a little bit of hair spray could be necessary to avoid falling out. It is a good idea to feel the teeth while clipping them in and making sure that the teeth are pushed through the section of hair fully as this will make the hair feel secure.

Step 4. Continuing adding more hair extension   

How to use clip-ins hair extensions


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Once your first clip is secure, attach the side clips as close to your face as possible, making sure there is no bunching along the weft. Take a smaller 4 clips weft and brush it to detangle it first. Find the centre of your head and clip in the middle two clips into the roots of your hair first, and then follow by clipping in the side clips. Make sure there are no bumps in the weft by slightly stretching the weft to the sides when you’re clipping in the middle clips.

Remember the section is from ear to ear? Separate them and clip away the rest of the hair. Take the largest 4 clip weft. Brush it out to make sure no tangle left and measure it against your head to make sure it fits. Clip in the middle two clips in the middle of the sectioned hair and continue by clipping in the side clips.

Then, we will use other 3 clip weft, separate a thin section of hair about two inches below the crown of your head and clip the rest of the hair away. Now all the large weft is on the back and make layer-by-layer look – natural as your real hair.

Finally, take out your small weft : 2 clip and 1 clip weft. We should have two 2-clip weft and two 1-clip weft to attach to both side of of your head (above the ears). After attaching both 2-clip weft, using 1-clip weft to attach above (to make layer-by-layer look) or you can fill in wherever you want to add more volume. Make sure that you apply the hair extension close enough to the hair line. You can add hairspray to avoid fall out if you are going to harsh activities like volleyball, football etc.

Some other tips for using clip in hair extension


  • Using clip-in hair extension for short hair


If you have short hair, wearing hair extension is somehow different a little bit. The more layers you add, the more natural hair extension you have with clip-in. However, the more layers you add, your hair, overall, should be bulkier and put strain on your natural hair, so trying to choose the right amount of hair extension of wholesale hair. One tip to use clip in hair extension for short hair is styling hair after applying hair extension. This trick will erase the differences between your natural hair and hair extension due to the similar in pattern of hair. If you have super short hair, you should combine with other types of hair extension like tape in for example.

  1. Choosing the right colour for clip-in hair extension

Generally, you should choose the colour which is near to your natural colour. To blend hair extension well in ombre effect, you should use 2 sets of different colors and blends them together with her natural hair, one is darker and one is lighter in different length for easier to blend in. This creates a more seamless blend than just using a one color set. Start with the darker color, as the bottom of your head tends to be darker than the top when you have a balayage colored hair. The lighter colour hair should be apply in the top and ends of your hair. This trick will create the effect of natural sunkissed highlights

All in all, the usage of clip ins hair extension is quite simple but in order to use it to make stunning effect, you need to pay the notice of those above tips. Hopefully, this information is useful for you and if you want to own a clip in now, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!