Jan 02,2019

How to take care virgin remy hair of OSCARHAIR?

About Virgin remy hair of Oscarhair

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Straight Hair 18 inches

When it comes to virgin hair of Oscarhair, we are always proud of our product quality and it is our competitive advantage. Our virgin remy hair with high-class quality, non-harsh process involved and are collected 100% from Vietnamese girls will definitely satisfy your demand of a beautiful hair extension. Virgin remy hair from Oscarhair will boost up your potential beauty and upgrade your appearance in the most natural way. Virgin remy hair could be in different texture, colour, length or thickness, check our website for more product information to find the most suitable hair extension for you.

How to take care of virgin remy hair of Oscarhair.

How to take care virgin remy hair

Many celebrities like Tyra Banks or Beyoncé spread great inspiration of using human remy hair extension. However, there aren’t so many people don’t know that behind such shiny look of human hair extension, the hair care is essential. How to take care of virgin remy hair is a common question that we will stay to find the answer.

As you know, everything has it own expiry date and human hair extension is not an exception. Different from other product to boost up appearance like cosmetics, clothes and so on, human hair extension has ability to serve up to 2 or 3 years with proper preservation. Besides choosing the right human hair extensions producers, your hair care is also important in lengthening its expiry date. Some tips below could be useful for you to answer question How to take care of virgin remy hairs.


  • Always keep your hair extension clean


Cleaning is the first and foremost condition to move to another hair care steps. The biggest enemies of human hair extension is dust and grease so it’s important for you to wash your hair extension at least once a week, keep them free from environmental harm like pollution, dusty, odors or sweat.

  • Making sure that before washing the hair extension, you comb your hair first with wide tooth comb to get rid of all tangles and totally avoid combing when the hair is wet. Softly starting from the bottom and moving the comb gradually to the top is good way to avoid hair breakage.
  • When you wash the hair,  you had better to use your palm to shake softly human hair bundle in water with some drops to mild shampoo to remove all the dust and grease rather than use finger to twist, scrubbing or bunching.
  • After washing, air dry is more comfortable for your single drawn hair extension bundle rather than blow dry because the follicles are vulnerable when they are wet, air dry can lengthen the lifespan of bundle due to protecting the follicles. Moreover, you should hang the hair for it to air dry with ease, maintain the even direction of the bundle, detangle the bundle after washing. Some drops of coconut oil or almond oil are very necessary to keep the hair extension always shiny and silky.
  1. Hair care with style and dying

Because the hair extension from Oscarhair is made of 100% Vietnamese virgin human remy hair, it allows you to style as your real hair. However, to expand the life expectancy of hair extension bundle, you should choose the right way to style and right chemicals to apply.

When you curl your hair, making sure that you use the right temperature. Not always high temperature is helpful in creating and holding the hair texture best, instead, you should choose medium temperature and style gradually with patience, your hair extension will hold the curls better but minimal damage. Besides, heat protecting cream and spray before styling is crucial to protect the hair extension under heat and allow you style the hair bundle more easily.

Dying is another common hair extension customization adored by many beauty junkies. Doing a trial on a test strand before dying full bundle is a good decision because some hair texture doesn’t hold the colours as the way you want due to the natural colour or the chemicals may be so strong and make the hair dry, knowing the after-dying result first will help you choose the right colour and right dying chemicals. Dying chemicals which is originated from nature is highly recommended since they’re safe to hair cuticle, although they cost you more time than synthetic dying chemicals, dear our millionaires of time, natural dye sinks into the hair fibers much better than synthetic one, and safer for the hair cuticle.

  1. Choose the right hair care product

Different from taking care your real hair, human remy hair extension hair care need to be more carefully. Your real hair is nourished by your scalp, can fix the damage itself, can be replaced and grow up but the hair extension doesn’t work in that way, it needs alternative source of nutrition.

For the hair wash, it’s advisable to choose alcohol-free product to protect the cuticle of hair. Alcohol is said to be the necessary chemical to protect the hair product from bacteria but it may not be true. Actually, in any amount of alcohol, it will make your hair dry. For the real hair, because it is nourished by the scalp, the damage cannot be seen but for hair extension, if you use alcohol product in the long time, there’s no other hair care products can help you to recover the healthy look of hair bundle.

Hair conditioner is an important part of hair care process. Choosing silicone-free and paraben-free product is your good decision. Those chemical can stick to your real hair, your scalp when you wear hair extension and make your scalp’s pore stuck with silicone and paraben. Instead, natural oil like olive, coconut or almond work best for human remy hair extension with just some drops.

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