Sep 18,2018

How to take care of curly hair

For both women and girls, it is so pleased when they own a natural beautiful hair out there. But owning a curly hair, it means that you should have special considerations when you wash it. So How to take care of curly hair?

How to take care of curly hair

  1. Not to over wash it

Generally, weft curly hair tends to be dryer than weft straight hair. For many persons, they often think that it’s better for their hair if they often wash it. Nevertheless, it will take away the cuticle layer and protein that cover the hair and your scalp. In addition, washing hair too frequently that can make your hair become faded and coarser. Because curly hair is often tangled after washing you need to brush it lightly so as not to damage your hair. However, it depends on your texture of hair and your skin.

  1. Choosing shampoo for curly hair

Because of its dryness, you should massage your hair gently and choose a suitable conditioner and shampoo for damaged hair.  You can buy shampoo in the cosmetics store or supermarket. The ingredients used in the hairdressing salon that are not different from normal products.

If you do not find a shampoo for dry or damaged Vietnamese hair, you can find a special shampoo for curly hair. The ingredients in this shampoo are similar to those for damaged hair.

take care of curly hair

  1. Regular washing by conditioner

This means that you should only use the conditioner when bathing without shampoo. This is very essential for curly hair because it needs more moisture than normal hair. You’d better read carefully with the ingredients before choosing the conditioner. Products which end with “one”, are silicone and should not be used. Do not use silicone products because it is not good for hair.

After using conditioner, try to feel your hair. If your single drawn hair is spongy, it means you might have used a lot of conditioner. You need only use a large amount of shampoo with the size of a coil

If you have dermatitis, shampooing with conditioner will make your scalp become worse. You’d better see dermatologist about that dermatitis

  1. Deep moisture when your hair is dry and damaged

Deep moisture is very important to provide the moisture for dry and damaged hair. If your hair starts to tangle and dry, let nourish intensive moisture and see results. Put conditioner on your hair before showering. Wear a hat and bath towel the outside and then take a shower. Heat and steam in the bathroom will help keep the moisture in the conditioner. When you finish, clean the conditioner and brush the hair as usual.

  1. Create style for curly hair

Use hair-drier when drying your hair. Attach the heat diffuser to the hair dryer when drying the hair. It limits your hair to heat exposure and makes it easy to style when drying your hair. Make sure that you use heat protection before drying your hair.

Pull hair back. Start drying from the tips of hair and stop at the middle of the head from the hair roots. This will keep your hair thick all day.

Hair dryer should be at low heat. Hair should only be dried twice a week to avoid drying hair too much. Curly hair should be dried naturally.

  1. Use your finger tips and hairbrush to remove tangled hair.

Paddle brush is not suitable for curly hair. Regular brushing can cause split and discoloration. If the hair is tangled, use a thin hairbrush or finger to untangle it. Do not brush from the top of hair. This will break the hair. You should untangle at the ends of the hair and brush upward.  Combing fingers make tangle easier.

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