Jan 17,2019

How to take care of clip-in hair extensions?

The hair extension is becoming must-have item of all women besides cosmetics. One of the most favourite hair extensions all all time is the clip-in hair extension due to its convenience in the hectic lifestyle nowadays. Using clip-in is not difficult but how to take care of clip-in hair extensions is another problem we should take notice to. Good preservation of hair extension could save a lot of money to reinvest in other types of hair. In this post today, we will discuss more about how to look after clip-in hair extensions.

take care of clip-in hair extensions

We discussed about how to take care of hair extension in general, but taking care of clip-in hair extension has some differences.


  • Washing your hair extension


Generally, human hair extension is dead hair, couldn’t be nourished by the scalp so don’t washing them frequently to avoid dehydrate your hair extension. Depending on your usage and chemicals you apply on clip-in hair extension, you should wash it every 2 times per month on average.

The clip-in hair extension is the most comfortable hair extension type to wash because it could be taken off from your head and washing it only. Remember that before washing it, you should detangle it first. Unlike your real hair could suffer from pulling and breakage because it can recover and grow again, the clip-in hair extension should be in gentle combing. Using wooden wide tooth comb and combing it gently many times until you can glide your fingers into the hair weave with ease. This step is very important to help the post-shampoo step could be conducted easily.

For best results, wash your hair extensions in a sinkful of lukewarm water, making sure to keep hold of them at the clips to prevent any nasty tangling incidents. You should choose the right type of clips which are not rusty in moisture environment or eroded off in shampoo environment, waterproof paint clips for example, if not, you should avoid sinking the clips into water. Next step is diluting the moisture shampoo into lukewarm water. Be careful, using lukewarm water,not the hot water in your bath, since lukewarm water don’t dehydrate your hair weave and make chemicals dilute easily. To make sure you don’t cause any breakage, remember to avoid the temptation to scrub or twist the clip-in. You could hole the clip for washing more easily.

  1. Hair conditioning for clip in hair extension

How to take care of clip-in hair extensions

Because we use moisturizing shampoo above, we should use the proper hair conditioning to remove the excess shampoo and replenish hydration to your hair weave and and to keep them looking healthy and shiny. Especially, you should make sure that you don’t let the hair condition or shampoo stuck on the clips. Natural based hair conditioner from herbs, citrus extract will works due to the light base and not make your hair sit flat. Hair conditioner application to clip-in is similar to hair extension in general.

However, we want to introduce to you a new deep hair treatment. Taking a generous amount of conditioner or hair treatment and apply on each bundle of wefts from top to bottom, massaging the product thoroughly into the hair. Leaving it into 1 hour, or leaving overnight, that will help the hair extension are really moisturized and conditioned. Once you finished the deep conditioning, rinse well with a lot of water, otherwise, your clip-in will be greasy to wear. As noticed, taking care of the clips, don’t let any hair conditioner stain on the clips. When you wash the weft,  it is advisable to use blast cold water because it helps to close the cuticles which sealed in the moisture and make the extension more shiny. Trust us, it’s worth.

  1. Let the extension air dry

Air dry for human hair extension are always more highly recommended than the blow dry because it helps the hair keep the moisture more effectively. However, we are not the time-millionaire so we love the fastest way. What about blow drying the hair? Well, to protect the cuticle, you should use the heat protection hair spray or heat defender product. This will not only help to defend your extensions against premature dryness and breakage, but it will also keep them looking shiny and feeling silky smooth. This method should also be apply when you use any  hair heating tool, it protects your hair so much.

You should hang it up or layer out the clip in depending on your space. Hanging up could useful when you want the excess water to erode more quickly, but the weight of water could pull the hair trend color so much. It’s better to use the special shelf which is net to layer out the clip in and lay a cotton towel below, the cotton towel absorbs the excess water effectively.

  1. Comb the clip in

When it is dry about 80%, you should use a wooden wide tooth comb to brush the weft to make sure that there’s no tangle left when washing and air dry. Holding the clip and gently brush the hair of wholesale hair from top to tip until you can run your finger along the weft easily.

  1. Storing the clip in

After using, you don’t need to wash it frequently right after, you should store them to avoid any damages, but how to store them? It’s always good idea to store the clip in in a long box to maintain the texture of the hair and avoid tangle from external factors like winds or dust. You must remember that your hair should be dry 100% before storing, otherwise, it’s the good environment for bacteria and mold to grow and that’s what you definitely don’t want to.

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All in all, those are some basic steps to take care of clip-in hair extensions, hopefully, these things could be helpful for you to use your clip-in hair extension more effectively. If you want a high quality clip-in, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!