Jan 05,2019

How to manage hair extensions during the summer?

Do you have any plan for this summer? Summertime, the best time of the year with pool party, barbeque party and bustling nightlife, make you all arouse. It’s time to upgrade yourselves with sporty and energetic outfit, and hair extension is indispensable. How to manage hair extensions during the summer is the common concern to turn on your beauty! Shining with the sunshine!

Why you need to manage hair extension in the summer? Well, the summertime is full of excited outdoor activities for you to enjoy but your hair extension has to suffer a lot of harmful factors : UV in sunshine, dust, sweat and strong movement.

The biggest enemy of hair extension in the summer is UV ray. UV ray in sunshine could damage the cuticle of hair, dehydrate hair to make it dry and breakage. If your real hair can be replaced, the hair extension is dead hair, so the replacement of it is impossible.

There are more dust in summer because of the dry atmosphere. Dust and sweat make your hair weave sit flat and tangling. Who wants to wear such a hair extension like that?

Strong movement is also challenging to hair extension. Bustling activities in the summer like volleyball on the beach, swimming  or jumping and so on challenge the seam of hair extension. If the seam is not tight, your hair weave will fall out and the embarrassing situation is inevitable.


  • Which styles of hair extension for your summer?

How to manage hair extensions during the summer


Why are types of hair extension important? With the variety of hair extension types, it’s difficult to choose the right type for your summer. In the summertime, the consideration of flexibility, volume and texture need taking into account. Which style is for you summer activities? Actually, you can enjoy any hairstyles if you want but let us tell you some hair style fitting with your hectic lifestyle! Ponytail – the hairstyle of all time- must be in the list. Ponytailing is very suitable for sporty activities. You can customize your ponytail into rope braid ponytail, bubble braid ponytail or loop-side ponytail to vary your beauty. Bunning your hair is another good idea for your summer. All beauty shape of your face is revealed with buns. Bun is also proper to sporty activities, convenient for summer activities, avoid dust and make your beauty sharper. Bun is a customizable 2019 hair trend color. Messy or double twist hair is worth trying in the summer.  Criss-cross hair style is also a good style to enhance your girly look but take you less than 1 minute to create. If you are in demand of no-fuss look for the summer, this is look for you.

  1. How to take care of hair extension in the summer?

Detangle and wash routinely

In the summer with a lot of outdoor activities, sweat and dust  are easy to dirt your hair extension. Moreover, hot temperature and bright sunshine has ability to destroy the cuticle of your hair weave and make it frizzy. The first and foremost step of taking care hair extension is keep it detangling and clean but in the summer you should do it more often. You need a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair extension first and wash it after. Warm water is better to wash because it is easy to dilute the shampoo and make the Vietnam hair easier to detangle. Personally, I like adding some essence oil in citrus flavour in washing the hair, citrus essence oil actually uplift my feelings when using hair extension bundle and make washing process more joyful.

Keep it moisturized

Keep it moisturized

A key tip for keeping dreamy hair extension in the summer is keeping it nourished and moisturised. A moisturised hair isHowever, deep leave-in hair conditioner is not suitable because it will make your hair extension sit flat and attractive to dust. To keep your hair beachy, it is favourably recommended to use spray hair conditioner, it is mobile to bring along when travelling and easy to add hydration to your hair in anytime in less than 1 minute. However, you shouldn’t forget hair conditioner at night. After all day full of shine, dust, sweat, let your hair extension free and conditioning it overnight is necessary to make sure it have time to detangle and recover texture itself.

Avoid UV

As your skin, your hair extension need protecting from UV Another hair care product should be in your must-have list is UV sprayer. UV is the main culprit destroying the cuticle of hair and make it dry and easy to break, so a UV Sprayer is necessary to shield you remy hair out of sunlight. The spray texture is also very convenient to use any time in the summer.

Avoid swimming or not

It depends. Swimming is indispensable activity in the summer but chlorine and salt water can destroy your hair extension. It’s like trade-off situation but in fact there’s solution for this dilemma. Using hair conditioner and swim cap before jumping into water is the key method to protect your hair out of harmful elements in water. After that, washing carefully hair extension and apply hair conditioner again to recover the shining look of hair are just enough for swimming hair care. If you want a stunning photoshoot underwater, or marine cosplay in the summer, this is solution for you. You’ve had another detail post about taking care when swimming, click here to read:

Air dry or blow dry

Air dry is more advisable for the summer where the temperature dry your hair quick. Hanging your hair in roomy temperature and clean environment to dry itself. If you want to style your hair extension, wait until 90% dry and use blow dry at medium heat. This tips could help you maintain the cuticle of hair fibers.

In brief, managing hair extension need taking into account in the summer to upgrade your perfect summertime! Let’s think about stunning photoshoot with floating and healthy hair, it’s amazing! If you want more information, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!