Mar 15,2019

How to hair care online?

Can you believe  that we can take care of our hair online? Now, you don’t need to go to hair salon to get a lustrous hair with a huge amount of money anymore. Today we want to confirm that a silky hair is in your hand with our updated tips. In this discussion today we will reveal to you all of tips to hair care online perfectly.

1. Protect your hair from swimming

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What will you do before jumping into the swimming pool or the sea? Wrapping your hair in a swimming cap? No no it makes you look weird like a patient in a hospital. Deep hair condition before? Effective but time consuming. The update tip for this summer 2019 is washing your hair under cold water before jumping into the pool. Your hair will absorb a lot of freshwater and then limit the amount of chlorine or salt in the water which do harm to your hair. Easy rite? Of course you can apply the hair conditioner after that but don’t spend too much time to deep hair conditioning because the hair conditioner should be used to help you easily detangle your hair after swimming instead of spend too much time to do so (it will destroy your joyful summer emotion!)

  1. Dry shampoo will never fail you

Oh summer months. The summer with sweaty and greasy hair roots! Take a dry shampoo in your purse. Believe us, it will be your saviour in the summertime.  Anytime you feel your hair starts being grease or feel itchy on your scalp, spray the dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will absorb all the excess oil and make your hair fresh again. If you can access to the hair dryer, after applying the dry shampoo, using hair dryer to dry any excess moisture in your hair and your scalp and also help the dry shampoo can spread evenly over your hair roots.Therefore, adding a mini size dry shampoo in your purse now, it will never disappoint you in the summer days.

  1. Tips for washing your hair

3.1 Oil your hair before washing

Yes, that’s right. Unless your hair is sweaty and greasy too much, you should oil your hair first and massage your scalp. Olive oil, almond oil or any natural oil is good to clean dirt out of your hair. The reason is oil will be soluble in oil so using oil first will make all dirt with your excess oil dissolve in oil and make it easily to wipe out. Massage your scalp for all the dead skin to move out of your scalp, spend place for new skin to grow. Dead skin are kept in the oil layer of hair roots. Massage your scalp with oil also relax your scalp. This step is also necessary for damaged hair because oil will seal the hair shaft and limit the detergent substance in shampoo can get into the hair too much.

3.2 Use lukewarm or cold water

There are so many people being wrong at this step, they use hot water! Hot water could bring you the relaxing feelings but it is not good for your skin and your hair. The hot water wipes out all the natural oil from your hair shaft and make it dry as straw. If you have a dyed hair, you will see the hot water make your hair colorless gradually. Therefore, if you are dreaming about a lustrous hair, you should change your habit of washing your single drawn hair now.

3.3 Dilute your shampoo before applying into your hair.

If you have the habit of applying the shampoo on your hair immediately after pumping out of shampoo bottle, you should change it now. Diluting your shampoo in your palm with a little bit of water to make it foaming and then applying into your hair. Why is it necessary? Some researchers show that there are a lot of people not applying shampoo evenly in their hair so foaming it before applying could help shampoo spread easily. Moreover, the foam of shampoo could glide easily into your hair and clean all of dirt out of your hair better than using shampoo without foaming first.

3.4. Don’t washing your hair everyday

It is not the best decision to wash your hair everyday, it just erodes your natural sebum on your hair of wholesale hair and force your body to produce more oil than normal. That’s the reason why many girls washing their hair often but cannot reduce grease on the hair. More greasy, more washing and more greasy and then, this circulation makes many girls tired. The solution should be started at changing the washing habit. Reducing your washing times per week is one of the ways to help your body adjust itself.

  1. Protecting your hair from sun

Like your skin, your hair and your scalp need protecting from sunshine. Because the damage of your hair from sunshine is not obvious like the damage to your skin, you tend to ignore it. However, sunshine is the main culprit causing dry hair, broken hair and colourless hair. The sunshine dries your natural sebum of your hair and make your hair vulnerable. There are some simple way to protect your hair from sunshine, you should try to follow these tips, you will see your hair with better look just in 2 weeks.

4.1 Updating your hair look with a hat

Very simple! Why don’t you try an elegant hat? The large hat keep your body cool down because it creates the shade and shelter your hair and your scalp from sunshine. You can choose the hat which is in line with your fashion statement to upgrade and renew yourself. Your hair, your skin and your body will say thanks to you! There are a lot of hat style suitable with each season but a large hat will brighten up yourself in the summer a lot!

4.2 Using sunscreen for your hair

Why not? Treating your hair like your skin! A sunscreen hair spray will work conveniently to your Vietnam hair in the active summer and travelling season. Even you cannot see how the sunscreen working on your hair but sunscreen will help to protect your hair cuticle and keep your hair healthy.

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Those above are some hair care tips you can practice at home! We hope these tips could help you to protect your hair well! If you have any question or you want to buy hair extension when you are under hair treatment, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!