Mar 19,2019

How to find a hair company online?

Lack of time to stop at a hair salon to renew your hair? Or you don’t know which hair suppliers are trustful to buy hair extension? Why don’t you find a hair company online? With the development of online selling channels, you will find a trustful hair provider who will upgrade your hair look. How to find a hair company online? We are going to discuss it today with updated tricks to help you find your answer.

1. Searching for common popular online selling channels

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It is a good idea for you to find a hair company online at right place. What’s on your mind first when you think of searching for Vietnam hair company online? Some studies indicate that 82,3% of newcomers searching for hair company online through Google. Google is a giant search engine, obviously, however, is Google possible to help you find a good hair company online?

A tip for you when searching for a trustful hair company online, you should start with some hair forums, hair communities or makeup group. If possible, you should raise questions in those communities to get suggestions from other people. Why should we advise you to do so? Google is easily manipulated by hair company with star rate, with SEO technique but there are some places on the Internet that the companies cannot control and manipulate such as hair forums, hair communities or makeup group. Those forums, or wholesale hair topics could be based on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Reddit, Quora. Those groups could be useful for you to search for real review and experience first and it is like a filter for you to focus more on some good providers. Don’t search in Google first, for example, you enter the address of quora on your address bar on your browser and search in quora website instead of search quora on google. Remember this! The technique to search effectively on the Internet is starting with general first. If you are newcomers in hair industry, the question you should start with, for example, “Vietnamese hair, Brazil hair or Italian hair, which one is suitable for me?” after that you scale down your question like “what are companies selling Vietnamese virgin hair?”, or what are companies selling double drawn hair extension?”

After filtering and you already get some companies’ name in your mind, you start to search for those companies on Google, and other social media, Alibaba or Aliexpress. In this step, you start to see how they convey the message to their customer, whether it is similar with review from other people or in other words, to test their honesty. That sounds ridiculous because every company will say good about itself but what you need to search for is the direct review of customer on the online selling channel. If it is always positive, you need more observations to conclude. For example, a good provider will deal with negative comment on their products publicly instead of just delete it.

Notice 1: Some newcomers just search on Aliexpress, Amazon or Google, that’s not the best way to search for the best price. For example, Aliexpress or Alibaba charges fee for suppliers quite high so some low-cost hair company with high quality product cannot exist there, instead most of the hair companies must mark the price up to cover the fee for Aliexpress or Alibaba. Hence, you should expand your searching into some free place like Facebook, Instagram for instance. It just takes you a little effort to filter information to get the best price for the best product.

  1. Looking at their factoryOscarhair's factory

If you find answer for questions where to buy hair extensions product Because the hair product is very “vulnerable”, looking for information about their factory will be useful for you to find a hair company online which serves you the best hair product. The factory information could exist in their website or fan page or sometimes you have to ask them. It doesn’t make you a hair researcher ! However, the transparent information about factory is a strong evidence of good quality product. For example, Oscarhair company with modern production line, with over 300 workers that can be seen easily on their website, it is a trustful provider of hair extension.

Why is the factory important in searching for online hair company? If you have enough time, and then you go to hair salon to touch, see and select your favorite hair extension, it is different story but if you are searching for online hair company, you have to base on different factors to judge their quality of product. One of important factors is the factory. Different from other goods, single drawn hair product need clean and modern factory with a lot of skillful workers to produce a good quality because they know that they need to careful with each virgin hair fiber. In order to cut cost sustainably in hair industry, they have no way other than investing in modern factory and skillful workers. Do you want to see your hair extension being produced in a narrow, rusty and untidied factory? If no, you got your answer.

  1. Youtube

Why don’t we combine Youtube into social media upthere? You know, Youtube belongs to Google and to some extent, Youtube is manipulated by the company also. However, to produce a video costs more effort and more money than photos. Some companies steal the photos from big brand but with video, it is more difficult, they cannot steal the staff who live stream from other companies that’s why we need to separate Youtube from social media to make you pay more attention! Searching for their Youtube channel to see how professional they are! However, most of the best-price hair company is originated in origin market like Vietnam so their English is not a criteria to be judged but you need to see the effort they put in the video to make it informative to you.

Those above are some tips for you to find a hair company online, if it is useful for you, let’s give us a like on fan page Oscarhair! And if you want a good quality hair extension, don’t hesitate to call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!