Feb 25,2019

Genius hair extensions tricks for thin and fine hair

When it comes to hair extensions, the thin and fine hair owners always sigh because fine and thin hair is not a good base to apply a hair extension. Don’t worry, today we will reveal some Genius hair extensions tricks for thin and fine hair! Stay tuned and figure out!

Trick 1: Choosing the right hair extension

Tape-in hair extensions tricks hair extensions

Different from thick natural hair, thin and find hair owner have to look for suitable hair extension, otherwise, seamless look couldn’t be achieved and bulky hair extension can pull out your natural hair or promoting breakage or hair loss. Clip-ins, hot fusion are some contraindication for thin and fine hair because the ability to promote hair loss and breakage are great. The tape in is the ultimate weapon for your thin hair that can blend perfectly with your fine hair with it lightweight while serving length, volume and natural  effect. The joint between tape in and your hair is just a thin and transparent tape, so your hair movements are natural as it should be.

Trick 2: Your hair need a firm base before applying hair extension

The biggest considerations of thin and fine hair is the slippage of hair extension because thin and fine hair couldn’t hold the hair extension as strong as thick hair. A firm base is important for a thin and fine hair. If you have an oily scalp, start with washing your hair first and blow drying the hair roots before applying hairspray. In that way, the tape in will stay on your natural hair more strongly. If this simple method doesn’t work, you can try a small amount of hair spray to the root of your hair where you apply the tape in and then tease it. You should use hair spray layer by layer instead of apply full head which can make your hair sit flat.

Trick 3: Sectioning your hair in special way and apply hair extensions

If your hair is thin or fine, you should make sure that you section your hair in suitable way because sectioning hair plays an important role in hair extension hiding. One tip for you is that you should single drawn hair your section to apply tape in first. From our experience, The area under the path connect your eyebrows is where your weft are going to apply. Thin-haired and fine haired girls should pay a big attention to the crown area or bigger, the top of the head, to make sure the tape-in hair extension couldn’t appear. If you can identify this area, your hair extension, overall, will look very natural albeit you have thin or fine hair.

Do you remember how to apply tape in hair extension for thin hair? The tape in hair extension would be applied in a staircase shape or terraced field shape which means the hair extension layers are intermingled but in different height. That’s the theory but you can totally play around with your hair and find out the best section to apply hair extension. If your natural hair is in ombre effect, mixing 2 set of hair extension is a good idea. Starting with darker at the lowest and then lighter on top – your natural outlook for thin hair of wholesale hair is upgraded at once!

One more important point in applying hair extension is that you don’t need to use all your wefts. The common mistake of fine and thin hair owners is apply all of the set on head which is not necessary.

Trick 4: Using dry shampoo? Why not?

It’s very interesting trick for you. Dry shampoo today is not only for greasy hair day but also for another situation. Now dry hair shampoo could be used to volume up your hair with volumizing dry shampoo. It’s so quick and easy to use.

Hence, if you find that your thin and fine hair is very glum and the tape in hair extension has nothing to hang on to, some little amount of volumizing shampoo into your hair and tease, believe us, it works in positive way. If you are not interested in hairspray above because sometimes hairspray cause rigid hair pieces, volumizing is a good alternative choice.

How to use clip-ins hair extensions

Trick 5: Don’t forget to back-combing!

The most irritating problems of all fine or thin hair is the hair part in the back of the neck is very split end and very stubborn to be clipped all of them. First of all, you need to clip all of your other hair parts with big clips except for the back part. Second, you twist the back part and use clip to make a flat base for hair extension application, adding more hair spray if necessary. A flat back hair part is very important because you have to apply the first tape in weft there.

Another choice is to texturize your back hair part with mini crimper. Using a mini crimper will add instant lift and texture to your roots so that your hair has a little extra grip for your hair extensions to grip onto. Texturizing your hair extension in the same texture with hair extension is the good way to achieve natural look.

Trick 6: Volumizing your crown!

This is the final step in applying hair extension for thin and fine i tip hair to make the perfect look. After applying hair extension to comfortable zone, you will feel the different feeling of hair thickness. The crown area will be thinner than the safe zone, which is not natural look. You can solve this minor problem very easy by adding volumizing dry shampoo and tease it up. It’s a great idea to tease your hair at the crown to add some volume to match the rest of your hair. This will give an overall harmonious, voluminous look.

All in all, those above are some Genius hair extensions tricks fine hair and Genius hair extensions tricks thin hair, hope that this information will be helpful for you. Have a nice day!