Oct 04,2018

Everyday Hair Care tips for Strong Healthy Hair

We wash, condition, comb and braid or tie it into a pony tail just because that is what we saw our elders doing. So, everyday Hair Care tips for Strong Healthy Hair

  1. Shampooing

Everyday Hair Care tips for Strong Healthy Hair

  • Let us start with shampooing. It is necessary to choose the appropriate shampoo based on our scalp type and hair type. The common blunder is if we have oily scalp we choose shampoos high in pH which will make the hair dry eventually. So it is always advised to use mild shampoos on alternate days. This helps in cleaning the dirt that gets absorbed by oily scalp at the same time does not dry out the Vietnamese hair.
  • Avoid Silicones-based Shampoos/ Conditioners: To find out if a shampoo and conditioner contains silicone or not look at the ingredients on the label. If the ingredients on the label says Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone or silicone, avoid using the products. Remember that Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone are silicone derived emollients. Silicones coat your Vietnamese hair extensions making it look shiny in the short term. However, they slowly start coating hair completely, creating a buildup and effectively sealing off moisture from reaching the cuticle. If you are using silicones shampoo/ conditioner however, be sure to use a clarifying shampoo periodically.

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  1. Conditioning

  • Usually shampooing is followed by conditioning these days.  The necessity and frequency of use varies from person to person. It is important to check whether our hair needs conditioning and if yes, we should know how frequently it is necessary for us. For example people with extremely greasy scalp should be careful in choosing the conditioner as these conditioners can block the double bulk hair roots along with the dirt, when hair is not properly cleansed.
  1. Combing

Everyday Hair Care tips for Strong Healthy Hair1

  • Don’t Brush Your Hair Excessively: Brushing your hair wears and thins out your cuticle therefore avoid it as much as possible. It was advised earlier to brush your single machine welt hair 100 times to stimulate your follicles but there are better ways to do that, such as massaging your scalp. Brushing is too abrasive for the cuticle. The best time to brush your hair is that when it hair has dried after washing.
  • Avoid vigorously rubbing and drying your hair with a towel after the bath. Towel dry your hair instead. Better still, use a microfiber towel that helps abrosb water faster than a normal towel..
  1. Braiding or tying

 – The main reason is to keep the hair in place and avoid tangling. We usually don’t detangle our hair slowly and patiently and thus pulling hair causes damage to the scalp, results in weak roots and also hair loss. So be careful while detangling, always hold the top region near the scalp and detangle the rest of the tape in hair so that it won’t pull the hair from the roots.

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  1. Use some Natural Products for Your Hair:

  • For hair which has less sebum, use olive oil or coconut oil for softening it. An effective shampoo can be made by boiling soapnuts with dried gooseberry (amla) using the strained extract. You can condition your hair naturally with lemon juice, lime juice or vinegar.
  • If you are going for swimming be sure to protect your hair from swimming pool chemicals/ sea water by using a leave-in conditioner, coconut oil or jojoba oil, or wearing a swimming cap.
  • If you keep a ponytail, do not use an overtight band. Use soft hair bands that do not pull or constrict the hair

Hope these brief points will help you in maintaining your hair in good condition always.