Jan 09,2019

Can I wear hair extensions to the gym?

“Can I wear hair extensions to the gym?” is a popular question for all hair extension fans. Women, always want to be beautiful at any time, even in the gym center. A healthy hair style and a seductive body shape are all you need to be confident in the gym center. Unfortunately, if your hair is not as you want, hair extensions are the solution. However, there are some factors that affect your confidence to wear hair weave, but the answer is definitely yes. Stay with us to figure out the reason.


As at the first thought, gym and hair extension don’t mix well but there’s nothing wrong to want to be sexy while working out. The reasons are there’s some concerns that worry women to wear extensions at the gym.

Can I wear hair extensions to the gym


  • Being caught up by machine


Yes. A improper hair could be caught up by machine and it’s really dangerous. You could only cut your hair to save your life. A neat hairstyle should be in the top of your wearing list to the gym.

  1. Sweat

Sweat is the second concerns. When you work out, your body produce a lot of sweat to cold to vessel, your brain and your heart. Your scalp is not an exception, it will be very sweaty. That  makes your hair extension sit flat and cannot upgrade your beauty. Salt in sweat make your hair extension become brittle, lifeless, and tangle. It could be fade your hair colour too. Wearing hair extension with large amount of sweat could cause pore stuck problem and prevent your baby hair from growing.

  1. Strong movement

When you work out, you have to do a lot of strong activities. Those activities could pull or put strain on your hair extension and make it loose. Falling out hair extension when working out is a common accident that put the owner in real embarrassing situation.



  • Before working out

Can I wear hair extension to the gym


Before going to the gym, there are some things that you need to put into your bag: a leave-in conditioner, a silk cap, a cotton band, rubber band or anything to hold your hair. Why is a leave-in conditioner necessary? It keeps your hair not tangle or messed up when working out and keep it easy to brush after working out. You should go for light base conditioner and avoid silicon base because silicon could prevent your sweat from vaporizing naturally that is very harmful for your scalp. The favourite hair conditioners of gymers are citrus extracted conditioner, flower or herbs conditioner rather than almond or olive oil, these types, besides keep your hair detangling, are also anti bacteria on your hair- which is very suitable at the gym. Moreover, taking out the enough amount of  hair conditioner only, don’t let your hair extension sink in conditioner.

As for working out and gym hair trend color 2019 , keeping it simple and neat is the key point. Opting for traditional pony tail or high bun is a good idea. However, you could also try fancy French braids, twisting and bunning to spice up yourselves. No matter hairstyles you choose, you should keep it away from your face, neck, back and shoulder as far as possible. First, it help you be easy in strong movement. Second, you don’t want your hair extension become sweaty, right? Another notice for you to choose hairstyle is making sure the rubber band or any hair holders could do their job well, otherwise, gymming machine could destroy your extensions right away.

  1. During working out

When you working out, your body’s producing much sweat is inevitable. It’s the time your silk cap and cotton band proving their power. The satin/silk materials which are soft don’t frizz up your hair while cotton band worn around your head absorbs your sweat immediately before exposed by your hair extension. If you really want to show your beautiful hair extension, a seductive braid or bun with a cotton band are enough.

There’s no need to check your hair extension when gymming, it’s inconvenient so hair clips, clothing or rubber band are very necessary. Adding more of them to keep your hair extension firmly, these things don’t cause damage your hair. Choosing the big size of them is also a good choice for you. A big size clip or wide cotton band could hold much of your Vietnam hair with one of them and be easy to remove after than mini size. Furthermore, the small size band could cause breakage to your single drawn hair and your hair will easily tangle up around the band.

  1. Post working out.

Hair care after working out decides the longevity of your hair weave. In comparison to other activities, cleaning after working out is more intensive. Dry shampoo will be your first step to absorb excess sweat and oil on your hair at the gym and that’ time-saving to get comfortable right after the gym. Dry shampoo also make your washing step become more easier. You should wear off your double drawn hair extension to clean it but if it’s leave-in extension, it’s okay to wash your extension with your real hair. It is advisable to wash your hair with sulfate-free product, instead, shampoo with citrus extraction like lime, lemon, orange or pomelo will be helpful to get rid of sweat, kill bacteria and safe to your remy hair. Moreover, the natural flavour serves you relief. If any, trying to use scalp scrub as well to remove all the dead skin. Using more and more warm water to rinse well, all the dirt and sweat accumulated when you work out will be totally eroded.

All in all, the answer for the question “Can I wear hair extension to the gym?”  is definitely yes with proper hair care. If you want more information, more professional advice or are seeking a strong hair extension for working out, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!