Feb 28,2019

Can I use clip-in hair extensions for thin hair?

Hello our beauties! Have u ever woken up and had no idea what hairstyles for today? Worsely, your thin hair sit flat (perhaps because of last night’s humid weather ?) and you don’t have enough time to wash your hair. What do you do in that situation? Well, if you are thin hair owner, a suitable hair extension will be your saviour! The tape-in hair extension doesn’t work in moisturized hair from sweat but you still have another choice which is clip-in hair extension! To use clip-in hair extensions thin hair will be the new remedy to boost up your thin hair !

Generally, people think that the tape-in hair extension is the best choice for thin hair due to its lightweight, convenient and easy to hide but there’s a limitation of tape in hair is that tape in cannot work best with sweaty or oily hair roots that’s why clip-in hair extension should be your new weapon, thin hair owners! Speaking of clip – in, almost everyone conceive that clip-ins are very bulky with metal clips and itchy feeling from nonnative material on the scalp. However, with the development of hair industry, you should get rid that bad prejudice of clip-in off because the quality of our clip-ins are qualified to use clip-in hair extensions for thin hair.

  1. Our clips are in high quality and smart design clips

Clip-ins a choice for busy women

The clips are made of high quality metal that can avoid distorted form in usage and coated in the specialized paint that is rusty-resistant, hence, it is possible to minimize the hair loss that tangle at the rusty clips. Moreover, the clips in hair extensions are very thin and even so they are very friendly for your finger to control it and your thin hair to stick with the clips without hair breakage. Our clips are in the exactly same colour with the hair bundle so if you choose the right colour to your natural hair, don’t worry about the differences in hair colour. Taking a closer look at our clips, the clips are tiny enough to weave in your natural thin hair without causing the bulkiness. You will complete a new look for your hair extension in less than 6 minutes. That’s awesome for us to wake up later and save time for other stuff (make up, for example.) Therefore,  choosing the right clip-in provider who will supply the right clip-in for your thin hair is important indeed.

  1. The hair texture is selected for your thin hair

Not only the clips design, the hair texture is also friendly for your thin hair. You have a thin hair and always feel worried about the differences in hair texture when wearing hair extension? You should wash it from your mind right now since the hair extension from Oscarhair is 100% made of human hair with soft fibers yet strong enough will blend immediately with your thin hair and leave no difference. Let’s touch it and feel the high quality texture of our human remy hair.

  1. How to wear clip-in hair extension for thin hair?

bleach clip-in hair extensions

However, in order to wear the hair extension in general in a natural way the thin hair owners still need some tips here. Believe me, it is  so much easier than make up you do everyday!

3.1 Choosing the right amount of clip-in

Don’t get wrong at this point! You have a thin hair and you want to volume up your hair right now in a blink but you need to consider the natural look first. Applying too many hair bundle on the thin hair could put pressure on that and cause hair breakage. The silk fabric stitched base will work best for thin hair and the thickness for hair bundle from 90 to 120g is ok for thin hair. This amount will blend effectively to your natural hair but not causing strain on your scalp. If you don’t know how much hair need putting on your hair, just start with small amount, shaking your hair to observe the movement of your hair, if it is natural movement, you are on the right way.

3.2 Start with the behind of the neck

This is a good start for the thin hair because this area has the highest level of hair coverage so it is a safe start. Dry shampoo can be very useful at this step to make a better grip to hold your slips more strongly. Starting with 3-clip weft first and remember to clip the middle clip first before coming with the 2 others. Brushing it carefully.

3.3 Continue clipping the hair extension temple to temple

After finishing the first layer of clip in hair extension, you will continue with dividing your hair temple to temple. 4 clip weft should be chosen for this second layer because the width from one ear to another is largest in human head. Using the same technique, starting cliping the middle clip and carefully moving on with others. To finish this layer, brushing it carefully for hair extension could blend and volumize your hair.  Then you continue with the other layer with 3-clip weft. Be careful, you should avoid the “crown area” where your use clip-in hair extensions thin hair is easy to be detected. After finishing each layer, it’s highly recommend for you to brush your hair and shake your hair to test the movement of the hair extension.

3.4 Continue to divide your hair on 2 side of your head

These part on your head is the thinnest hair layer so you should make sure that each layer of clip in will start from 1 inch from hair line in order to make sure the movement of hair extension are natural. From our experience in serving the thin wholesale hair, a couple of 2-clip in hair extension is ok to achieve the natural look.

Hooray! We have just boosted up a thin hair by use clip-in hair extensions for thin hair! After that, you are feel free to style it in the way you want. Feel free to contact us for more information at Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!