Jan 03,2019

Can I swim with hair extensions?

Summertime is the best time of the year because so many funny and energetic activities are waiting for your adrenaline. Hair extension is must have item to help you get confidence to enjoy such all activities. One of the biggest challenges to hair extension is swimming. Unfortunately, swimming is the most favourable outdoor activities of all time. “Can I swim with hair extensions”  is common question when it comes to hair extension buying decision. The answer is 100% Yes.

Can I swim with hair extensions

What makes you hesitate to swim with hair extensions?

First of all, we need to understand the causes which is how swimming affect the hair extension. Thus, the movement cause tangling under water is unpredictable. The movement of water is also stronger than in air environment because the pressure of water, of course, stronger than air. These things sound very “old school” but we need to take a notice because the water not only cause tangle but loosening the seams as well. Who want their hair extension to pull out?  Water is also enemy of all glue and tape types. Watering is the fastest way to decrease the cohesion and adherence and lead to shorten the life expectancy of your hair extension.

Another cause is the ingredient of water. When you swim in a pool or ocean, chlorine and salt are the main culprit of hair extension damage. Both chlorine and salt are too strong chemicals to expose to hair and your hair extension couldn’t grow up and replace as your real hair, so recovering from damage is very difficult after exposing to these substances. These 2 chemicals can tear off the keratin layers of remy hair fibers and dry out the cuticle, so breakage and tangle are inevitable. In some fresh water reservoirs like lake or natural pool, things can be worse. Even in this environment, the movement is quite calm and there’s almost no salt and chlorine, ,the temperature is comfortable to swim most, but there are a lot of water living things “swimming” with you like bacteria, water weed, even parts of dead body of some water animals. Don’t you want your hair extension to smell stinky as a fish? Don’t you want your hair extension stick with a head of a fish? Errr, it’s disgusting. Moreover, removing these such “organic” things from your hair is much more difficult than removing dusty or sweat. Detangling each minor water weed section from your hair extension is also not fun at all. Another accident when you swim in lakes or ocean is when your hair extension pull out, fishing your hair bundle out of water is difficult.

So, Can I swim with a hair extension?

These above risks can make you hesitate to swim. Swim or keeping your beauty with hair extension? Well, in fact you can enjoy both with some proper taking care of.

  1. Preconditioning

Because the chlorine and saltwater is unfriendly to I tip hair extensions, adding more conditioning first is like adding another shield to protect the cuticle and keratin layers of hair fibers. Some people prefer water resistant gel or water proof conditioner but these products are often made from silicon which is not good for hair at all. The argan oil is highly recommended because it is natural origin which is safe for hair and not easily diluted in water. Preconditioning is helpful in decrease the bad effect of chlorine and salt to hair fibers and according to some beauty junkies, preconditioning helps to keep the colour well.


  1. Braiding your hair and use swim cap


If you are using clip in , you can take it off easily. What for other leave – in hair extensions? You have to braiding your hair first. This action is to make sure that your hair will not pull out under water and braiding is also helpful in holding the texture of wavy or curly hair extension. Letting your hair extension move freely underwater is the fastest way to make your hair be matte. Moreover, braiding also make wearing a swim cap more easily, you don’t have to cram your hair under a small and tight swim cap. Wearing swim cap is necessary. If you aren’t photoshooting underwater, you have to wear swim cap to keep your hair out of water as much as possible.

  1. Hair care after swimming

After swimming, what will you do first? It mustn’t be brushing because the wet hair is tangling and easy to be broken. First thing you should do is washing your hair extension to remove all of chlorine, salt or any dirty things. The best way to clean the hair extension is wearing off it from your head and wash but some leave-in hair extension need washing with your real hair also. You need to understand that in this situation, your hair extension is heavy with excess water or dirty things, easy to break, so a shampoo with a lot of nourishing elements, sulfate free will be helpful to detangle the hair and safe to clean it. If possible, swimmers’ shampoo is another good choice. Gently washing your hair under warm water, using palm to wash it.

Hair conditioning after swimming is crucial too. Because the oil layers on hair extension are eroded under chlorine or salt water, deep hair conditioners are very necessary. Applying hair conditioners evenly from top to tip to detangle and recover cuticle is the next step. Then let it free in roomy temperature and clean environment until it is 80% dry. Finally, applying leave-in conditioner to maintain the shining look of bundle. The leave-in conditioners which are natural origin is highly recommended since their texture is light, soft and  don’t make the hair bundle sit flat or be attractive to dust.

All in all, the answer for question Can I swim with a hair extension is definitely yes. If you want more professional advice or want to buy a strong human hair extension, let’t check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!