Jan 09,2019

Can I sleep with hair extensions?

Using hair weave similar to real hair is the wish of all beauty junkies because of the convenient demand. “Can I sleep with hair extension?” is the common question of users because hair extensions became an indispensable part of their life. However, concerns of destroying hair extension when unconsciously changing position during sleeping make the users obsessed. People worry that hair extension texture will be deformed, tangled or broken, hair colour will get the pillow dirty. Convenient or get risk of hair extension destroyed? In fact, you don’t have to face this dilemma. You can wear hair extension and go to sleep but not destroy it, with some tips bellow.


Can I sleep with hair extensions


  • Brush your hair before hitting the bed


After all day long, all you need is hitting the bed and enjoy bedganism but please, brush your hair extension first. If you don’t detangle your hair first, it will become a real mess in the next morning indeed. This step also help to lengthen the life expectancy of hair extension due to decreasing tangle and also bring the comfortability for the users when drifting off the dreamland with hair extension. Remember that your Vietnam hair weave need a wide tooth comb to gradually detangle and wooden comb is better than plastic comb to avoid electrostatic in dry day.

  1. Hair conditioning

One mistake is commonly made by all of us is forgetting the ends when hair conditioning. People often apply hair conditioners from top to tip but don’t know that the tip, in that way, receives least hair conditioners. Hence, our ends are split all the time. Thus, we need to apply hair conditioners from the ends upwards to the tip. If your hair is in over dryness, hair conditioning overnight is necessary but if you are not in any hair problem, don’t do that. Your hair extension has different ability of absorbing hair conditioners from the real hair, it cannot absorb too much hair extension, so you just need apply a thin layer of hair conditioners to keep your hair weave moisture. Moreover, you don’t want do make your pillow full of hair conditioners, right?

What is kind of hair conditioners for you?  You should choose the natural-origin hair conditioners instead of silicon base one because natural-origin hair conditioners are safe, quickly absorbed. Moreover, the hair conditioners originated from nature such as argan oil, almond oil, or olive oil has comfortable flavors that could uplift your dream.

  1. Never sleep with wet hair

Can I sleep with hair extension

As you know, the hair is the weakest when it is wet. Many people have the habit of taking a bath before going to bed and unconsciously waters the hair. For the real hair, water a part of hair is not a big deal but for hair extension, sleeping with wet hair cause severe deformation of hair texture and breakage. Therefore, making sure that you totally dry your hair extension before getting to the bed.

  1. Braid before going to bed  for long hair extension

The classic way to protect long human hair extension when sleeping is braiding it. Braiding has the ability to prevent the hair from moving around and make the bonds become tangle. The friction in mid-length and at ends of hair will be reduced significantly since it is secured in a braid, furthermore, it is easy to unbraid and brush in the morning without tangling so there’s pretty no reason to refuse this technique. However, you should only braid with medium tightness to protect the hair from deformation and breakage and make your scalp be comfortable. Braiding also keep the condition less spread and dirt your pillow.

The best way to braid your hair extension is braid in one side. It is more comfortable to sleep with.

  1. Pony tail/ loose bun for short hair extension

With short hair extension, you couldn’t braid it, pony tail or loose bun is alternative choice for you. Making sure that the tightness of rubber band you use is suitable enough to not make hair extension folded.

  1. Wraft your hair in silk scarf

Don’t use cotton scarf because cotton materials have tendency of absorbing moisture, detract moisture from your hair but silk/satin doesn’t. Cotton scarf is prefered when you step out of your bathroom with excess water, but for sleeping, go for silk scarf.

  1. Some advice to sleep with specific hair extensions
  • Clip-in hair extension. There’s no reason to sleep with a clip in. Clip- in is very easy to wear off so please remove it before you go to bed.
  • Tape-in hair extension. Yes. You could sleep with this type of hair extension. The tape-in is very thin and strong so sleep with them could be comfortable. Choose the right brand to get high quality tape.
  • Keratin hair extension. Or in other words, hot fusion extension. The bonds are semi permanent and only melted under heat so there’s no pulling out when you sleep. Moreover, the bonds made of keratin are soft so don’t cause itch to your scalp. There’s little tangle can appear after wake up but can be solved by brushing.
  • Sew-in hair extension. 100% yes. Although the technique of attachment could affect your comfortability, it is the most comfortable hair extension to sleep with. No rings, no glue, you can sleep with sew-in hair extension like your own hair.
  • I tip hair extension. There are 2 technique to use I tip hair extension which are using keratin glue and using beads/rings. Using keratin glue is similar to keratin hair extension but people worry of beads. In fact, beads are helpful to hold your hair extension strands well so they will not move around or fall out when you sleep. You should choose the right beads’ material, if they are made from iron, they could cause itch when you sleep. Most of the beads nowadays are made of high quality that hold the strands well but not destroy your dream.
  • Wig. Generally speaking, depending on the attachment method, you can sleep with or not. If it is sew-in wig, just like sew in extension, you can definitely sleep with it. However, for glue-in wig, you should remove it before sleeping because your position changes during your sleep can cause strain on glue-bonds and they are not strong to suffer, there are chances of pulling out.

That’s all about some tips to sleep with hair extension.” Can I sleep with a hair extension?” is not a difficult question anymore. If you want more detailed advice or want to buy hair extension, check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!