Jan 09,2019

Can I dye human hair extensions?

A pretty hair extension is not only proper length, volume or trendy hairstyle but also hair colour. The hair colour that would blend well to natural hair is your best choice. Although the hair providers around the world are adding more and more shade but the gap between the variety of hair colour and the suitable colour to your natural hair still exist. Thus, the idea of “Can I dye human hair extensions” could be practical enough to satisfy your own demand. The answer is totally yes, but stay with us to find out some tips.


Can I dye human hair extensions

The idea of dying hair extension appear in a question because there are some latent concerns behind it. Does dying colour harm to your hair extension? Does dying colors make fiber thinner and weaker? In fact, you should understand how dying colours work. The ammonia in hair dye takes charges of lift up the cuticle of your hair to let the molecules of dying colours to get in. After that, the peroxide has the responsibility of removing natural colour to get room for new colours. This step cause the most damage to your hair, the cuticle is broken, the natural pigment are got rid of, your hair extension is straw-like now. Then the new colours from hair dye take the room and bond to the hair cortex. At first time they are tiny molecule to easily get into your hair shaft, once they go in, they combine with each other and make bigger molecules so they cannot be washed out of your hair. That’s how hair dye works!  The opener cuticles are, the longer colours stain on your hair and the more damaged your hair extension is. All in all, dying your hair extension, is a process of damaging some natural formation to get wishful colours.

Because of the hair extension in Oscarhair is made of 100% Vietnamese virgin remy hair, the damage of hair weave as the same as natural hair in dying process. Hence, if you want to change your hair colour but don’t want to damage your biological hair, investing in a hair extension is a good choice.


Dying your hair extension is not only safe to your real hair but also money-saving, instead of spending about 6 hours in hair salon and invest a huge amount of money, you can comfortably stay at home and dye your hair as you want with much cheaper cost. Here are some suggested steps to dye your hair extension.


  • Virgin remy human hair is the best type to dye.


Making sure that you choose the right type of hair extension to dye. Virgin remy hair is the most suitable type to dye because it doesn’t go through any process so this type of hair can suffer dying process with minimal damage. Don’t try to dye non-remy hair extension, it cannot handle the dying chemicals anymore and not strong enough to experience dying process. Nowadays, some providers cheat their customer by mixing remy and non-remy hair in 1 bundle, so you should make sure that you choose the trustful providers, Oscarhair supply Vietnam human hair is one good world-wide provider.

  1. Take out strand to test first

dye hair

Well, this step is for your sake. You and I, are not skillful hair stylists, so do a trial is necessary to see the final result. Sometimes the hair hold the dying colours strong or weak. Observing carefully the trial result before continuing dying the whole hair bundle.

  1. Choosing your dye

There are 2 popular type of hair dye: semi-permanent and permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent hair dye allows you to dye your hair again to change colour but it is also easy to wash off. Permanent one, as the name says, will last forever. Then choose your colour, the colour is close to your natural hair is a safe choice, we highly recommend you use the colour wheel or colour palette to compare and choose the right colour. Besides, observing the trial sample you’ve done is necessary too.

  1. Detangle, washing and drying

If you are going to dye a brand-new hair extension, you should know all the hair extension are coated in a seal to have good look so your job is remove them. If you want to dye your used hair extension, this step also necessary to remove all the dust and dirty things to achieve the best dying result.

After detangle the hair extension with wide tooth comb, wash it in warm water and add some drops of shampoo. Using your palm to gently massage it, avoid scrubbing it  (scrubbing makes hair split and tangle). Check again your hair dye, if it is used with wet hair, go ahead to dye but if it is for dry hair, you should hang or flat it to air dry.

  1. Prepare to dying

There are some things you need to notice before dying

  • Prepare a large and clean table. Cover them with plastic blanket.
  • Place the tinfoil on top.
  • Prepare some other tinfoil sheets to cover the hair extension later.
  • Mix the hair dye in dye applicator. It is easier than use a bowl and a brush.
  • Making sure that you wear your gloves on!
  1. Dying selectively

Yes. You shouldn’t apply hair dye on the whole surface of the single drawn hair. Separate your hair and start with each of them. Don’t apply too much on few initial strands, otherwise, you’ll run out of dye before finishing the whole hair weft.

  1. Cover, let colour develop

Covering your hair extension with tinfoil and leave it 20 to 30 mins for colour to develop. Don’t leave it longer, it doesn’t result in better result. If you want to dye your hair extension faster, using heat dryer is  not a bad idea, the heat keeps the cuticle open for colour molecules to penetrate better.

  1. Rinse, hang, and air dry

Finally, you rinse your hair extension until the water is clear out of colour. It’s advisable to held your extensions under faucet to loosen up the stiffened hair. After that, hanging it up (don’t let it lay on your table) and air dry. You  had better avoid brushing your hair color trend 2019 when it’s wet. Until your hair is 80% dry, applying hair conditioner is your final steps.

That’s all for dying hair extensions! If you have any questions or you want to buy a strong hair extension that can be customized the color, call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR