Sep 27,2018

Basic Steps to Take care of your hair at home

With Basic Steps to Take care of your hair at home, your hair will be beautiful wholeday. Click to see now those steps together.

Basic Steps to Take care of your hair at home

  1. Use the right hair brush

A boar bristle brush or a wet brush should be necessary for your Vietnamese Single drawn hair. It’s very important that your hair brush helps smooth the hair shaft, to minimize any breakage. A natural fiber brush, like the boar bristle, helps to minimize friction when brushing. So the hair doesn’t get caught on any knots, leaving the hair smooth and silky without pulling out hair strands.

Don’t pull hair at the root. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up rather than top down. This ensures no pressure is put on the roots, minimizing damage. Use a wide tooth comb when the hair is wet. Brushing when damp can cause a lot of damage as it stretches the strands rather than separates them.

  1. Use a deeply hydrating treatment twice a week

If style your hair with heat, you will already know the benefits of using a deep hydrating treatments to replenish any lost moisture. The coconut honey mask is very useful for your hair.

It will be very effective when using an oil high in vitamin E, such as olive or avocado oil. To get the best results, gently warm the oil in a pan on a low heat and apply to your Vietnamese Double Drawn hair. Wrap in a warm towel and wash out after five minutes. The heated oil allows it to be more easily absorbed into the u tips straight hair, boosting its effective qualities.

  1. Use a low heat setting for hairdrying

As a general rule of thumb, one of the worst things you can do for your hair is overheat it with excessive blow drying. If you want to avoid dry and damaged locks, you need to use a hairdryer and apply heat protection products beforehand. Try and keep the dryer at a distance from your hair, two inches away from the strands is ideal. Drying your hair from the side makes the hair frizzy by pushing it all over the place. Therefore, the nozzle should be pointed straight down, about three inches away from the hair for best results.

  1. Try not to over wash your hair

Basic Steps to Take care of your hair at home

Your hair’s natural oils are designed to condition and protect your tresses, so when you shampoo daily, it strips these vital oils away. It creates a vicious cycle of over-production of oils and a need to shampoo very often. To keep your Vietnamese hair healthy, you need to wash two to three times a week. Invest in good quality hair products such as good natural dry shampoo to help tide you over until your next wash and add volume and texture.

  1. Wash your hair the right way

Don’t need to wash your hair everyday. That’s where most of the oil buildup happens, we should massage the shampoo into the scalp gently with your fingers to get rid of it. Giving your head an invigorating massage as you shampoo is a good way to encourage blood circulation and helps to detoxify the scalp. Then, use conditioner along the length of your hair to restore moisture. Try and keep the water cool when rinsing, blasting your scalp with extremely hot water dries out your hair and create tangles that could result in breakage.

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