Apr 03,2019

5 Tips haircare for dry hair

Hair breakage is the big hair problem for many people not only for women. Do you know that 87% of the hair breakage is hair dryness? Do you wake up in the morning and touch the straw-like hair and wish a lustrous hair like in TV commercial? Your hair is symbol of your personality and style, don’t let your dry hair dull your natural look! Ahead, we are going to share with you 5 tips haircare for dry hair, let’s discover with us!

  1. Don’t overwashing your hair

Protect Colour-Treated Hair

Like oily hair, dry hair could be the result of overwashing. Some kinds of sulfate shampoo take the dirt and dust from your hair very well but it also swipe the natural sebum from your hair shaft and result in hair dryness. Maintain the hygiene for your hair is important but some people nowadays are obsessed with this idea and wash their hair everyday, even 2 times per day. that is too much for human hair to produce enough sebum to maintain the lustrous hair. Especially for curly hair which is very prone to dryness, the bad effect of overwashing could be observed more clearly. Hence, the first step is reducing your washing habit to 2 or 3 times per week and that is enough to human hair.

The way you wash your hair needs considering too. You shouldn’t harshly rub your hair under hot water. It is very possible to swipe all dirt from your hair with just gentle and slow rubbing, don’t think your hair like clothes! If your priority is only cleaning dirt, mild shampoo could do it well enough. If your hair is over dryness, you should give up all of your shampoo and make friends with natural shampoo like extract of  lebbek fruit, pomelo or orange skin. These natural shampoo could wash your bulk hair gently and protect single drawn hair shaft from oil loss. Some Westerners feel difficult to use these natural shampoo because it is odorless and foamless but don’t worry, you could see the change in your hair health in positive way in just 2 weeks. Hot water is another culprit causing hair dryness. Hot water could bring the clean and relax feelings for people but it also does very well in swipe out all hair colour and hair sebum. The temperature that makes your body feel relax is too hot for your hair, so if you want to nourish your dry hair right now, please washing your hair with lukewarm water only. Lukewarm water helps you clean your hair out of dirt well enough and don’t causing hair colorless or hair dryness.

  1. Avoid sunshine

With over 10 years in hair industry, we are confident to say that your natural color hair don’t love overheating! Overheating could come from many source: hot water, sunshine, heating tools to style hair and hair dryer.

As for hot water, we dealt with it already in overwashing tips. Luke water is good alternative for hot water if you cannot use cool water or you are in love with bathing but not showering.

Regarding to sunshine, like our skin, our hair is prone to sunshine too. Sunshine could cause dehydration on our hair and this is also main reason causing hair dryness. If you are suffering dry hair, you should check your sunscreen habit for hair and if it is much worse, you should make friends with hat and sunscreen for hair now. A large hat is very simple solution, it could provide shade to your hair and even shelter your shoulder, keep your hair cool and hydrated.In case of outdoor activities, hair sunscreen is very important. UV protector is essential for a lustrous hair before heading into sunshine. There are a lot of hair sunscreens but UV hair protector spray will be the most suitable for outdoor activities thanks to its convenience.

  1. Blow dry or air dry?

how to take care fushion hair

About hair dryer, it is classic question that blow dry or air dry which one is better? The answer is it depends. Blow dry is very convenient in modern lifestyle when you don’t have to wait your hair dry in hours. However, heat from hair dryers is often too high for your hair so it is highly recommended for you to use blow dry in low temperature or summer mode, if your hair dryer doesn’t have summer mode, making sure that you keep your hair dryer 5 inches away from your hair.

  1. Using hair conditioner and hair mask in the right way

It is common problem that so many women use hair conditioner and hair mask but cannot see any effect. The first notice is that you should make sure your hair is clean enough before applying hair conditioner or hair mask since dirt and sweat could reduce the ability to absorb nourishments from hair conditioner or hair mask. Second, some people don’t use the hair care product in the same product line and those products are incompatible. It is very advisable for you to buy a comprehensive hair care set from 1 brand, and from 1 product line to gain the best effect because the products in the same product line will work best together. For example, sulphate shampoo is not always bad because it is very effective in cleaning hair and open cuticle  and when you use the hair serum or hair conditioner from the same brand which is tailored to reduce the bad effect of hair shampoo, it is good idea but if you use hair conditioner from different brand which is not strong enough in hydrating your hair after using sulphate shampoo, it is bad idea..

  1. Making friends with hair moisturizing product

When you are dry hair owner, you should use deep hair mask or even overnight hair mask at least once a week to hydrating your hair. Moreover, after any time you wash your hair, don’t forget to apply hair conditioner and leave it in 3 minutes. Many researches shows that 3 minutes are golden time for hair conditioner to do its job, no more, no less than 3 minutes.

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