Oct 19,2018

What Should You Know Before You Buy Wig

Nowadays, the demand for women’s beauty is increasing, but for those who are busy with work or family care it is difficult to spend more time in the barber shop to beautify. When You Are Intend To Buy Wig,What Should You Care About?

1.What are wigs made from?

Vietnamese Closure Full Wig Curly hair

Wigs can either be made from Vietnam human hair or synthetic hair Synthetic is significantly cheaper than real. But real Vietnam virgin hair makes it easier to pass the wig off as your natural hair. Some synthetics can be heat styled, but you have to use low heat and be very careful. Human hair wigs can be styled, cut and dyed like your real hair.

  1. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle, schedule, and ability to style hair should be taken into consideration when buying a wig. How much time do you have to spend or are willing to spend on styling your hair? What climate will you be in? And of course… budget!

The answer to these questions will determine whether your best options are synthetic hair or Vietnam remy hair wigs. They are both amazing and have their advantages over the other… But the most important thing is to figure out which works best for you.

  1. What types of wigs are available?

How to distinguish wigs from real hair and wigs from synthetic silk

Are you willing to take a risk and change up your look? If this is going to be your first wig, we recommend you stick as close to your current style or style you feel most comfortable in. Remember… A wig is a perfect hairstyle.

  1. Size

Wig size – A right wig size matters a lot while selecting any wig. You should take your head size properly because unfitted wigs are very uncomfortable to wear.It’s important to choose the right size to make sure that you get the perfect fit. Get the volume of your head properly measured. Make sure that a full wig curly hair comfortable fit your head.

  1. Color

Color selection – Another thing that you should keep in your mind while selecting wig is the color selection. Color of your wig should be flatter your skin toner. Match wig’s hair color to your natural hair, skin tone, eyes color. Try out different colors and shades. Using your eyebrows as a guide, choose a color that suits your skin tone. Oscarhair always supply color from 1b to 613, you can comfortable to choose or we can mix color.

  1. Length

Short wigs are easier to wear than long wigs. Long wigs are fun, especially if you’ve never been able to have long hair before. But they need a lot more care. They need to be brushed out to make sure they don’t tangle, they shed, and you have to resist the urge to touch while wearing. With length from 16 to 28 inches in Oscarhair you can choose whatever length you want !

  1. How do you take care of a wig?

To help faux fringe maintain its shape at night, experts recommend placing the hair on a wig form (much like a dress on a mannequin). Or if you’re traveling, take the wig, and turn it inside-out. Then, grab the hair in a ponytail and flip it back inside the center of the wig and store it in a box. This trick ensures that the hair is protected from rubbing the inside of the box

I hope with what I just shared will give you a deeper look on a wig. Always remember to be a pretty girl no matter where you are!!!!