Oct 11,2018

What are Weft Hair Extensions?

Nowadays, on the market has many kinds of hair such as weft hair, ponytail hair, hand tied weft, closure… But Weft hair is the most popular type used which is easier to use and can be found in most hair supply stores.

How to use Hair Extensions Wefts

Weft hair extensions are traditionally known as “machine weft” which is one long piece of hair extensions which is sewn together. This is then cut up into sections to fit a person’s head. It is sewn to a braid which is done by a professional hairdresser and several rows are added until the desired thickness is achieved.

Everyone often uses weft hair to sew directly into your hair or make wigs, depend on each person’s favorite. You can normal use 3-4 bundle for make full a head. In addition to, weft hair is used to change the appearance of someone’s hair by adding weave hair to their natural hair. Specifically, a weave refers to a style when someone’s entire hair is braided. Once the braids are made, a needle is used to sew extensions of hair into the braids.

The benefits of hair weave are that they help in making the hair longer, add thickness to hair along with volume, and no chemicals or glues are used. Weaves also give women the versatility to change their hair color without having to dye it. Weaves are a great way to give your natural hair.

Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair
Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair #1

I hope this description so far gives you a brief understanding of what are weft hair extensions. You may also be interested in who uses weft hair extensions and who installs them. They are a more traditional methods of hair extensions that some salons stand by, then on the other hand you have salons who only do your machine weft. You should also be quite careful of a lot of salons that do cheap machine I tips hair extensions because I have heard quite of a lot of disaster stories. And once the hair is in you will need a professional to take it out. Really be careful with the price you spend on weft hair extensions. It appears to be the client that get weft hair extensions are generally younger maybe 14 to 17 year old females generally just for the price. That they will be eventually introduced to more advance methods like tape Vietnamese human hair extensions or skin weft hair extensions as they get older they can afford of the service and the extensions.

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