Nov 06,2018

Wavy Hair and Curly Hair What are differences?

Are you too bored with certent hairstyle? Do you want to experiment with something different? And you’re worrying what hairstyle should be and what hairstyles suitable for you. Hair texture is also extremely important because it can drastically change your hairstyle. There are a lot of options when Vietnamese hair extensions, they are the curly wave, body wave, hot steam wave, romantic curly, deep curly and so on, may be you are confused about the difference between them. So today I want to talk about 2 popular textures that women really like that are curly hair and deep wavy hair.

What are they? Curly hair and wavy hair are often used interchangeably, but the hair types have several differences. Curly types and wavy types of hair differ in curl tightness, thickness and texture. By identifying the type of hair you have, you will able to find which texture best suited for you.

1.Similarities between wavy hair  and curly hair.

20 inches Vietnamese Double Twist wavy Hair

  • They are both curls, so wavy hair and curly hair require high maintenance to maintain its state and requires a lot special care.
  • Both of these textures are already pre-applied so you don’t have to add chemicals or heat treatment to your own hair. And they are natural hair, so when all is done, your hair will look healthier, fuller, richer and very natural. You can easy to style them more easily. You also can take them out and get back to your natural hairstyle without much trouble.

2.The difference between  wavy hair and curly hair.

take care of curly hair

The difference between them lays on the tightness, thickness and maintenance.

  • Wavy hair lies in between straight and curly hair and does not have curls but has zigzag pasterns that make them wavy.
  • Curls start right next to the scalp, and such hair is thick whereas wavy hair is straighter and softer. The texture of wavy hair is thin.
  • Curly hair has a more tight curl but both are very healthy and nice-looking, you can choose both to try different hairstyles.
  • Compared deep wavy hair, kinky curly wavy is very small and tight, so it will look very thick. And it’s so hard to always keep its style that you may need some curling tools to keep it.

3.Taking care of them

  • You just need to treat them like the way you do with your own hair. But Both wavy hair and curly hair need to take care of very carefully to maintain the curls.
  • Treat hair as you would your own hair, taking great care of your hair will ensure the duration.
  • Do not use heat, you will loosen the curl or destroy it altogether.
  • Do not sleep in wet hair because wet hair can cause detangling and shedding and this can pull your own Vietnamese hair and damage them.
  • After swimming, clarify with clarifying shampoo and condition immediately.
  • I recommend that you should use oil every day, shampoo at least once a month and condition at least once in two weeks.