Jun 21,2019

Tips for wigs hair made from human hair straight weave

In the last article, I mentioned about how to clean your wigs hair, in this time, I will continue giving you the other information about fixing your wigs (apply for the product made from human hair straight weave or all product made from human hair) when it has a problem.

1. Overview of wigs hair made from human hair straight weave

human-hair-straight-weave  14 inch straight weave

Because wigs are popular items, it can be worn for any events or occasions in the year. However, this could make it broken after any event.

And in the worst case, you can’t use it anymore and must to pay the big money for new wigs and you know the cost for the product made from human hair straight weave is not cheap, very expensive if you want to buy the best straight weave hair brand. So fixing the hair as soon as possible is the most important work you should do if you don’t want to lose money.



I always mention “specialized hair care products” in the last article, that it is mean, if you use a shampoo or conditioner suitable with wigs hairstyles, you will get a good result.

You can’t use the hair care products for straight weave hairstyles apply in steam curly, due to two product is different. With each hairstyle, you should choose the good hair care product so you can easily improve your old wig into any style that would style for this. You don’t need to do a complex way, just only need the simple but it is true.

2. Tips for wigs hair made from human hair straight weave.



“What is the best straight human hair weave” – will be the most questions from the customer. But in fact, the important questions you should research will be how should you take care of this product?. So Please follow our guide to get the best results:

  • Run your hand through the wig and sort the tangles that may be on your wigs.
  • Creating a solution mixture includes cool water and “specialized hair care products” then soaking the wig in the solution for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse the wig thoroughly but for sure you do it gently.
  • Apply shampoo to clean cool water and repeat the two latter steps above.
  • Use a soft towel to wrap the wig. This technique helps to make the wig a bit more natural and tries to retain its natural look and style.
  • Dry it more using a towel and try removing any tangles or snarls in the wig. You should do it by your hand, don’t try combing it when the hair is wet. Let air dry it for approximately five hours.
  • Using the right comb, comb the wig to get the right hair flow for your wig before you decide to take any steps on how to style.
  • After you have done all the above steps, the wigs will be improved.

Now, depending on the raw material of wigs hair is it Human hair or synthetic, you can do some step to change other styles that you want to have. This can include curls, dying … You can refer to some information about the difference between synthetic fiber and human hair. When you have full information, you will know what should you do with your wigs hair.