Apr 02,2019

How to install u tips hair extensions?

If you are seeking for a permanent hair extension but you don’t want to invest so much money on, u tips hair extension is for you. Because it is permanent hair extension, you should go to hair salon and buy service from trustful hair stylists. Despite difficult technique, u tips hair extension is still favoured by a lot of professional hair stylists in the world. In this discussion today, we are going to look at how to install u tips hair extensions, to help you more information about this special hair extension.

Say goodbye to the painstaking process to apply hair extension in the past, nowadays technique to install u tips hair extension in particular, hot fusion hair extension in general are improved greatly to bring the most comfortable feelings to customer. The following are some steps updated in 2019 to install u tips hair extensions.

Step 1: Section your hair

install I-tip hair

The first and foremost step in applying any types of hair extension is sectioning your hair. Depending on types of hair extension, the way that you section your hair is different. However, the first section on your hair should be at the bottom of your neck, you should start there. Why? Since the bottom of your neck has high level of coverage, which are covered by many hair layers. If you want to add length, it is the ideal place to install the longest hair strands. Holding the rest of your hair firmly by large clips, don’t forget to clean the hair roots of the first layers because any excess oil could make it difficult to apply the keratin bonds.

Step 2: Section hair strand

From the first real hair layer, you take out some strands, the number of strands is equal to number of u tip strands you want to apply. It is important to take out the strand straight horizontally and evenly because any differences in thickness or distance could affect the final result. Some people think this process is painstaking and time-consuming but in fact, it costs only 1 to 2 mins to finish. Usually, the hair stylist will take out some strands first instead of take out only 1 strand and apply u tip extension right after. The hairstylists will use protection pad to fix and separate hair strands from one another, this technique helps hairstylist to observe and control the thickness and distance of each real hair strand. Aligning the hair strands by using protection pad is more precise than measure manually by hand and it is quicker also.

Section 3: Applying u tip hair extension


Choosing 1 human hair strands and 1 u tip hair strand, make sure that hair protection pad is still in your hair. After that, taking the u tip hair strand and place it behind the real hair strand. The advantage of u tip hair in comparison to i tip is the keratin part at the tip of u tip hair is more convenient than i tip, it could entirely roll around the real hair strands that creates a very firm bond. Holding your real hair strand and u tip hair extension by your fingers and use make sure that u tip hair extension is 1cm lower than your scalp and the measure lines on protection pads can help you to secure this distance. Why you should do this? The distance 1cm is suitable to keep the hair extension not too close to your scalp and cannot cause itchy to your scalp. Some hairstylists says 1cm is enough to ensure the natural movement of overall hair look without causing uncomfort and hair breakage. If you want a smaller bonds, you can cut the keratin part down to 0.5cm, this will make u tip more comfortable but less durable. This is quite easy but requires hairstylist precise and make sure every strands are equal.

After that, using fusion connector tool to melt the keratin tip for few seconds and stick firmly to your natural color hair strands. Wait a seconds to keratin tip is cooled down a little bit and use your fingers to roll it with your fingers to seal the keratin bonds. The u tip bonds are sealed now and you can repeat the process for other strands until your finish your hair extension. Check the row again, make sure that every bonds are firm and every bonds in a row should be even.  

Step 4: Moving upwards

So, you have done with the first row and next row should be 2.5cm ( 1 inch) above your first row to make sure the bonds be covered carefully behind your natural hair. If you are thinner hair owners, the distance could be further for your natural hair look. When it goes to front of your head, the direction of hair extension row is changed into vertical direction, but you shouldn’t forget that in any direction, the hair extension should be 1cm lower than hairline, otherwise, your hair bonds are visible. Any test to make sure you are doing right things? You could lift your hair up to test whether the extension could move naturally without tension in any directions. In order to test the visibility of hair bonds, trying ponytail or updo hair style to test whether you are applying to many hair extension leading to many visible bonds or not.

Finally, you got U tip hair extension! install u tips hair extensions is not difficult but it requires great patience and u tips hair could last for 4 months with proper care! With #91 color u tip straight hair extension, you don’t need to worry about removing hair extension everyday like clip ins, hair extension stays on your hair just like your natural hair! Good luck and wish you choose the best hair extension for yourselves!

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