Feb 01,2019

How to bleach clip-in hair extensions?

The most common question of all customers is how to bleach clip-in hair extensions. Many girls who wear clip-in hair extensions get bored with hair colour and they want to change it but hesitate because of hair damage. This post will guide you step by step to bleach a clip-in hair extension.

You can totally bleach clip-in hair extension if your hair extension is 100% human hair. Otherwise, the result could be under your expectation, so you should buy hair extension of trustful providers, Oscarhair for example, to invest a clip-in at the first place.

Step 1: Clean your hair extension first

How to bleach clip-in hair extensions

Yes of course. A clean hair is a good base to start any transformation. Wearing off your clip-in, detangling it and washing them carefully with mild shampoo to remove all dirt, sweat, dusty or other imperfections that may be present on the extensions. Adding some drops of hair conditioner and let the hair extension sit in 15 minutes, after that, rinse well with water and let them natural dry. After that, place your clip in on tin foil.

Notice: Make sure that your hair extension should 100% dry before beginning. Any excess water can make the result under your expectation.

Step 2: Where is your bleach kit?

You should buy a bleach kit which is available at cosmetic store or grocery. The bleach kit should include glove, bleach and developer. The developer could be 10, 20, 30 or 40 depending on your demand. The dark brown the hair of the extension, the more lightening power you will want the bleach kit to have but if the safety is your number one priority, 10 volume developer could be suitable but you have to repeat the bleach process for many times and wait quite long.


  • if your hair extension is dark like natural color 40 volume developer could be necessary as it will give the greatest effect.
  • Always wearing gloves when you play with bleach to avoid chemical burns on your hands. Also make sure your arms and the rest of your body is covered.

After that, you are going to prepare your magic. Mixing the powder bleach with liquid developer in a glass large bowl that can be cleaned to make sure that you don’t have to throw your bowl away after! Read the instruction on the packaging of bleach kit carefully to make sure that the ratio of bleach powder and liquid developer is exact. You can use a brush or a large spoon to mix them well until you feel your mixture is more slimy than your toothpaste.

Notice: Always mix and apply bleach in an area that is well-ventilated. This is to avoid irritation of the eyes or nose from any harsh smells or chemical gases put off by the bleach. The feelings of irritation depends on brand and sensitivity of your body but you should notice this.

Step 3: Applying the bleach

bleach clip-in hair extensions

Placing your clip in on the tin foil and make sure that no tangle left on your clip in, spread your clip in evenly. Using the brush to apply the bleach mixture from top, near the clip to the ends evenly. If you just want a ombre effect, only apply the bleach on the top, this method works best if your hair is 1 solid colour. If your hair is ombre or highlighted, try to match the same pattern in the extensions as in your own hair. For example, if you want to match your highlights, use a highlighter brush to apply the bleach.

Another technique to apply the bleach is using specialized tube with flat brush, the only thing you have to do is to squeeze the tube and let the bleach spread out. After finishing, you can throw the tube away!

Notice: It’s better for you to have a strand to test the effect before bleaching.

Step 4 :  Let the bleach do its job

Fold the tin foil to cover the clip in and don’t let any bleach spill out because the bleach will work best in moist and warm environment. Capturing the clip-in extension in tin foil will keep the heat and moisture, so help the bleaching process take place more quickly.

Remember to check your hair extension every 15 minutes. Looking at the colour of clip in, when they are ready to be washed, they will be a shade of very light yellow and quite drier. If your hair extension couldn’t achieve your expected colour in 1 hour, you should rinse it out to avoid damage of over processing. Using larger volume of developer bring quicker result than low one.

Step 5: Colour correction

After bleaching, washing your clip in is important. Choosing the shampoo with PH balancing which will work to neutralize the chemicals in the hair and stop the bleach processing. The colour of your clip in hair extension may change in this step but don’t worry, it shows you that the shampoo is working!

Make sure to use a deep conditioning treatment or olive or coconut oil and leave it on the strands overnight. You have to leave your hair extension overnight in deep conditioning treatment to “recover” from damage of bleaching and protect the shining look. Checking the final colour, if it is not your expectation, you can bleach again and again, but check every 5 minutes to make sure your hair extension doesn’t suffer overprocessing.

Notice: Be extremely careful when bleaching twice. Lower quality extensions may break or fall off if over-bleached.

Another optional step you might do to correct the colour of your hair trend colour is using toner. A toner is a glaze or gloss that slightly changes the tone of the hair to make it warmer or cooler depending on the desired effect.If your extensions are a little bit brass-toned, a cool shade toner can remove the brass coloring. You can apply toner straight from the package by massaging it into the extensions as previously described, and check the final colour until your expectation is met.

All in all, these are 5 basic steps to bleach clip-in hair extension, you can do it at home by yourselves instead of investing huge money for another hair extension. If you want to buy a high class quality clip in, let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!