Dec 06,2018

Hair Color 2019(part 1)

Hair Color 2019 which OSCAR HAIR show you.

  1. Creamy blonde

Hair Color 2019

This is a perfect champagne blonde that keeps the bubbly flowing well after new year because it is fizzy and light, isn’t too warm or too ashy. Creamy blondes of all shades will be huge this coming year. Whether you want to go platinum blonde from a dark natural hair color or simply liven up already blonde tresses. Besides, there are a multitude of different blonde hair color shades from which to choose that run from the palest platinum to dark brown price highlights over a dark brown base as platinum blonde, light ash blonde, natural blonde. Your complexion will affect how your hair looks when you go blonde even your skin tone is fair, medium or dark skinned. Some shades of blonde are best with blue, green or hazel eyes, while other blonde hues look best with big brown or black eyes.

  1. Illuminated red

Illuminated brunette is the hair trend that literally everyone that is getting right now and it lasts at least 6 months. With ladies embracing red shades left and right, this bright rendition has an almost illuminated, metallic finish on the ends. Whether you’re leaning towards going lighter with blonde, let’s transform into a rich brunette or dipping your toe in the red hair waters or even learning how to get grey hair. If you hope to add a splash of blonde to your colour, blonde roast is the ideal way to do it. The new colour trend seamlessly combines shades of darker brown with shades of lighter blonde.

  1. Golden touches

Have you ever made a statement with bright gold touches on rich brown strands. Framing the face is the most flattering move you can make for the perfect starting point. Vietnam hair with blonde highlights will give you both 2 worlds with its rich foundation of brown and sun kissed touches of blonde. In addition, possibilities are endless when selecting the perfect blonde highlights with brown hair blend that matches your tone and personality. If you think blondes have more fun, aim for the envious cream soda blend of beige browns with warm gold. The golden touches color can be a great choice in many gorgeous brown hair with blonde highlights for next year.


  1. Frosted brunette

Frosted brunette

This shade will let you keep your locks fresh and stylish without straying far from your roots. The warm shades of frosted chestnut brown hair colour will cover a range from light golden chestnut and sunny brown, to darker auburn and mahogany. Cool shades of brown, minus the red are often described as cappuccino, iced coffee, mocha and muted brown. I think you’ll definitely find your perfect shade that suit to your face shape and skin tone. Remember that don’t fight your skin tone because if you choose a colour that isn’t sympathetic to your underlying skin tone, it could be a missed opportunity for a lovely combination. 


If you combine these hair colors I have metioned with the right hairstyle, you will be more confident and sweetie because new hair extensions can give you not only new look but also interesting experience in yourlife. With some above suggestions of hair color for 2019, it is not too difficult to make yourself warmer and cozier. Maybe a new single drawn hair in new color will give you a brighter beginning for a better year. So let’s be a smart woman with great choice to look for a hairstyle that suit to your face shape, your skin tone and even your working or studying environment.


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