Jan 15,2019

Clip-ins a great choice for busy women

Nowadays, the hectic lifestyle has obsessed us like a phantom and we cannot have enough free time to do the favourite things like spicing up our appearance and styling our hair becomes a luxurious habit since it takes a lot of time in salon. The human hair extension comes to this world and becomes a new weapon for busy women, help them save the time, save effort. However, the hair extension, with many product line, makes us confused that which one is the best. The Clip-ins a choice for busy women, if you are really workaholics, clip-in is for you.

Clip-ins a choice for busy women

The benefits of clip-in hair extension are endless, these benefits below are the best reasons for you – the busy women to own a clip-in hair extension now!


  • Temporary


One of the main reasons we all love clip-in is the temporary. For busy women, changing hairstyles to fit with the variety of working situation, working diversity is very necessary, so some permanent methods like sewing or gluing is not suitable. Clip-in hair extension allows us to change hairstyles in 1 minute to fit with any situation. No commitment is the big plus of clip-in hair extension because the busy women don’t have to loyal to one hairstyle for a long time. It’s gonna be much easier to remove the hair extension out of your head, just clip out the hair and hang it up. No chemicals, no hair tools involving in applying and removing clip-in hair extension, therefore, it is time saving and effort saving a lot.

  1. Achieving your dream hair styles

For those of us who long for but are unfortunately not blessed with Disney princess-esque locks, clip in hair extensions are an amazing alternative to achieving your dream hair in an instant!If it’s gorgeous thickness you’re longing for, then you can use few single wefts or one quad weft to get the right amount of desired volume.  The clip-in hair extension not only could help you to achieve your dream volume, but also length, color and hairstyle because of being made from human remy hair, you can style it in anyway you want like your real hair. Deep wavy hair for the party? Straight hair for formal occasion or curly hair for outdoor activities? It’s up to you . Achieving the dreamy hairstyles has never been such easy work. The clip in are a fantastic option for changing your look give that “wow” factor to your look that helps you exude confidence.

  1. Low maintenance

Clip-ins best for busy women

The low maintenance is also the big, big plus for busy women! You, the workaholics, are searching for a quick and easy, low maintenance hair enhancer, Clip-ins a great choice for busy women! While the glue-in or sew-in hair extension need hairstylist to apply and remove, that cost you a huge money and time, clip in hair extension can be applied and taken out by yourselves completely. You just clip them on your head and ready to shine! Moreover, the clip-in hair extension could be removed quickly out of your head and reused many times after, it’s more easy for you to wash the hair extension. The clip in is the easiest hair extension to wash because the quality of hair weave is not changeable so much after washing. While tape-in hair need water avoiding for the tape section because the water could make degradation for the tape, the clip in hair extension could be wash in water. Many high quality clip-in are with high quality clips that are not rusty in moisture, so, feel free to washing the hair trend color. Believe me, you never want to stay hours to wash your hair and worry about the seams is tight or not( in case of using sew-in hair weave) of worry that the chemicals in shampoo could affect the glued seam in case of using glue-in hair extension.

  1. Less damage

Of course it is! You are the busy women, even you don’t have enough time to take care of your real hair (that’s why you come to hair extension), you have no reason to look after your hair damage when you are using hair extension- It’s like make a rod for one’s own back! That’s ridiculous! The clip-in hair extension will be the winner in the contest of making less damage for the real hair since it’s very safe for your hair. You don’t need any skillful hairstylists to apply or remove so you can control the hair loss best than anyone else! Unlike sewn in and glued in hair extensions, of of the benefits of clip in hair extensions is that they don’t cause breakage to your hair because clip in don’t put strong strain on your real hair. Moreover, clip in don’t sit permanently on your hair so the damage is pretty much zero.

  1. Invisibility

The last merit of clip in hair extension is the invisibility. In comparison to other hair extension types like tape-in for example, clip-ins are less invisible for thin hair. However, thanks to the development of hair extension technology, nowadays clip-ins are made with skin-like clothing pieces, small but strong clips to hide in your real hair well. Moreover, the clip ins are made from human remy hair, the differences between 2 layers of hair couldn’t be detected by the untrained eyes. While wigs need cap, glue or foundation to hide the differences or tape in need dividing your hair into different parts with transparent tape and so on, clip ins require nothing to hide. Hence, the natural look could be achieve with ease, this merit are very beneficial for busy women who cannot spend any time to camouflage the hair extensions.

In conclusion, clip in hair extension is the great innovation for you, the busy women, the hectic people, the workaholics! There’s no reason for not put 1 clip ins in your cart  now. Let’s check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information and professional advice!