Nov 05,2018

Beautiful buns for girls and women

Many girls and women can not be denied the desire to always have a charming look, perfect in any situation, whether it is going to work, going out, dating to the party … But the problem is posed that: if you do not have much time to prepare, how do you do it? In addition to the makeup, clothing preparation, the women also need to care about the hair, such as what kind of appropriate hairstyles that are both fast and easy to make

Moreover, there are many ladies will be discouraged to give up the task of styling neat, eye-catching for their hair every morning. If you do not want to fall into such a situation, then please refer to 10 bun hair styles are suggested below below.  Romantic and sweet, these hairstyles will only take up less than 5 minutes in your little time budget.

Instead of bundling all of your Vietnam Remy hair, you can choose this partial bun to refresh your bun daily. How to do it? First, use a tightly knit hair tied a whole loop of hair in the ponytail style, and then round of the single drawn hair to form a tuxedo and fix column to add more round

Luxurious bunny hair

Beautiful buns for girls and women

This is a hair style that always looks elegant and perfect hairstyle “salvage” for the days of dirty super double drawn hair has not cleaned up as well as in case when you don’t finished washing it and you have to rush out. When styling silky buns, you will need a little balm to create shine and sleekness for your hair, so all the problems such as dirty hair or dry hair are unknowingly becoming an important part of great support. This hairstyle is addictive by many girls.

Tangle bobbing bun

It is also a perfect solution for those who do not have beautiful I tips hair, tangle bun with loose curls, some crowns on both sides, some perms on the nape of the neck. This deliberately loose detail creates a very attractive appeal. This hairstyle is so convenient that even you do not need a comb to create a really pleasant and personal look

Luxurious fishtail bun

A attractive and feminine combination between elegant hairstyle and classic bunny hairstyle to give girls more fun options for her hair. You can quickly create this great hairstyle in just 3 simple steps. First tied in the style of high ponytail as you choose, and then tidy up the tail, you can choose a variety of different ways such as: fish tails, braided tails and finally curled into the tufts and then use wire or fixed clamp to complete.

Young double-breasted bun

Double tufts are also a way to create a bunch of tufts at the same time, but it can create two or more layers by dividing the Vietnam Human hair and the tufts from the top to the bottom of the neck

French dreadlock bun

French dreadlock bun

If talking about the elegance, graceful, luxurious and exquisite, none of bun hairstyles can be compared with French dreadlock bun. Whether your hair is long or just “missing size” with enough shoulder length, you just need a few basic steps:  twisted and curled the entire hair length and then fixed by the hairpin you already have finished this luxurious style. Add a bit of gel to keep the folds and the hair under the nape of the neck,  the girl will look gorgeous and haughty at the party or any events