Oct 16,2018

All about you need about curly hair extensions

Do you have very short hair and your own hair take a look a long time to grow up for a certain length. Or are you too bored with your current hairstyle and want to make a change. Do you have any special occasions on the weekend such as a weeding, graduation, an event or even a party or a gathering with your friends, why don’t you make a different look, why don’t you make your life more beautiful.

  • With Vietnam hair extensions from Oscarhair, I’m sure that you will be very confident with your hair and your appearance as well. Various types, textures, sizes and colors for your options, you will reach all hairstyles that you’ve dreaming of easily in some minutes. So one of the most popular textures which is loved by many women is curly. The fantastic and interesting curls will make you satisfied.

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  • So, following the detail information to get better understanding about curly hair extensions.
  • These curls are super defined, springy and form perfect ringlets. They have a tons of volume right from roots to tips. There are three basic textures of curly hair extensions:
  • Loose curly hair: These big, loose curls follow a definite S-shaped pattern and each curl is about as thick as a piece of sidewalk.

20 inches Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Loose Curly Hair

  • Romantic curly hair: This textures hair type has curls that are a little tighter and roller than loose curly hair. The rolls are little bit like funmi wavy but so much more relax.
  • Deep curly hair: This type has very tight curls, they are more height and volume at the root then loose curly hair and romantic curly hair.
  • Furthermore, with various types of textures of curly hair, you can save time that Vietnam human hair extensions make it easy to style hair quickly, that’s the best way to reach the length and volume that you’re been dreaming of, sometime curly hair extensions is worn to cover up bald patches, hair loss or even thinning hair, curly hair extensions give your natural hair a break from relaxing and one of the best benefit of curly hair is spice up your look quickly, help you look better and have so much fun with beautiful hairstyles.
  • So, how to maintain it? How to maintain the curls? How to keep curly hair extensions looking good? It’s very important to care your curly hair extensions, taking care of curly hair is not a simple task and requires a lot of care.
  • Moisture is the key to keeping your curls looking great and keep their form and helps prevent tangling and cuts down on detangling time. Conditioner are needed to moisturize your hair and shampoo is no go, washing your hair with only conditioner, curly hair extensions is drier than natural curly hair only use shampoo.
  • Always comb your hair from bottom up: Brushing curly hair when it’s wet because it avoids frizz, combing wet curly hair will lead to breakage curls. Using a right kind of stool is also important, use a detangle brush or a wide toothed comb which are best for wavy hair to curly hair
  • Sleeping with curly care is simple: Put hair on a pineapple or a high ponytail at the top of your head and you can also put your hair in braids, so that when you wake up in the morning, your curls still in tact.