Oct 23,2018

All about Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are the best seller in OSCAR HAIR. It is one of the most popular products on the market with various sizes and colors. In other words, all customers in the world are looking for this style. It is easy to style, straight, dye, bleach or more because it has full cuticles, the hair same direction from top to bottom, make sure tangle free and no shedding.

What are the hair extension wefts?

Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair

Well hair extension wefts refer to products which have been sewn or wefted to create the bundle of extensions. Loose or bulk hair is fed through a triple-head sewing machine to add a reinforced stitch near the top (root) of the individual strands. The hair is then folded over and stitched again to create the final wefted extensions and that’s sewn onto the hair extension wefts are facing in the same direction for a seamless finish.

We choose the best Vietnamese human hair only to sewn to create the bundle of extensions. It is called machine weft hair. The most common kind of weft hair is the single drawn machine weft hair. The hair is sewed on a special sewing machine, creating a string like weft of hair that is sturd and strong. The hair is sewn once and then folded over and sewn again to keep the hair from sliding out of the seam.This weft is suitable for most people, except people with very thin hair who wish to integrate their own hair into the weave. The pros of this hair are that it is usually quite strong and have a quality. This kind of weft can be cut without a problem .These wefts are most often attached by cornrow braiding, the hair close to the scalp and then weft is sewn in them.

Our weft hairs are easy to install as well as remove. It is also easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair. So, do you know how to care for it.To ensure you have a smooth, strong and silky weft curly hair after owning our weft products, please follow each of the care guidelines carefully.

Washing Weft Hair

How to use Hair Extensions Wefts

  • When washing Vietnam Remy hair, you should use gentle motions, no heavy circular motions.
  • Weft extensions should be applied by a qualified hairdresser to avoid causing damage to your natural hair.
  • Squeeze excessive water from hair in a downward motion with a towel. Do not rub in circular motions. Do not allow hair to dry naturally. Always blow dry straight.
  • Ensure you only use Blakk extension shampoo & conditioner.
  • Important: Do not ever use a protein based shampoo & conditioner. Protein will cause the extensions to tangle.
  • Products containing Sulphate will also cause the hair to dry out.
  • Alcohol based styling products can cause the Single Drawn hair to dry out and should be avoided. NEVER lighten or bleach the extensions are it will cause immediate irrepairable damage.
  • No permanent straightening, perming or any additional chemical service can be performed
  • Never sleep with wet hair. Always sleep with hair in a plait or bun.
  • If you swim, you should wear a swimming cap to protect your extensions.
    Salty and chlorinated water will dry out the hair and cause it to knott