Dec 06,2018

5 Reason to wear weaves

Lately, popped up a lots in some media social timeline around the world, hair extensions have created an enormous wave in the hair industry in particular and in the beauty industry in general. This wave has generated a new definition of hair extensions as well as varied the diversifications of those products. Among a numerous type of hair extensions, weave is considered the first choice of women when they are new to this hair industry.

According to its universal characteristics, women are eager to buy weaves for many reasons.

1. Give Your Real Hair a Break

Reason to wear weaves

  • If you are a natural color haired girl and your find yourself with a strict washday routine and you are always twisting, braiding, or knotting your hair every three days, then you probably buy a weave to give your over manipulated hair a 4 to 6-week break.
  • The same break can benefit women who press their hair every two weeks. Often referred to as a protective style, weaves enable hair users to give their natural a break from all of the styling elements.

2. Protection From Heat Damage

  • Along those same lines, a weave installed with a closure or frontal piece can enable hair users to use the heat tools at any time.
    There is no worry about temperature settings or times to run flat iron through because it is not your real hair.
    Weaves are ideal for the woman looking for a super glossy style on a daily basis.

3. Cover Hair Loss or Bald Spots

  • Whether it’s alopecia (the situations that cause remy hair extensions losses due to the weight of the extension hair around the hairline), chemo, or stress that is making your Vietnam hair fall out in clumps, a weave can be used to cure those insecurities.

4. Provides Instantly Thicker Hair

  • There are countless brands of hair care products that promise thicker after weeks of regular usage.
    In a more timely approach to solving the curse of thin hair, some women may buy weaves to sew tracks in between their natural hair.
    This styling method gives the max illusion of thicker, fuller hair in a matter of hours.

5. Provides Instantly Longer Hair

Provides Instantly Longer Hair

  • Similar to the reason above many women purchase hair weave to give them instant length!
    With the average extension carrier selling wholesale hair lengths from 10″ to 32″, you can take the hair from shoulder length to waist length with four bundles of hair weave.
  • This method of length illusion can be used on both silky straight and kinky textures.
    Furthermore, if the hair weave is sewn in by a gentle but firm hand with optimum length retention in mind, weave makes it easy in continuing to grow natural tresses underneath the style.

6. Style Experimentation or a New Look

  • Similar to science experiments, making a rash decision about your hair can leave you with the wrong color for your skin tone, the wrong shortcut for your face shape, or a combination of the two.
    Weaves allow women to experiment with a new cut, color, or style without requiring a full on commitment.
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