• Oscarhar is the one of Vietnamese leading Company which produce and export human hair all over the world. Over 20 years of experience in hairdressing from a traditional business in Viet Nam. We specialize in supplying products to trading Companies in Viet Nam.
  • By the beginning of 2018, the Company has started building retail distribution system in international market. We have advantaged in beauty field, so that Oscarhair is growing domination in Viet Nam and international market as well.
  • The motto: ‘’Bring core value to each product”. Oscarhair focus on improving product quality that suitable for any customer and any market.
  • Up to now, we’re so proud of our Company because we exported our products to over 50 countries just in nine months. Futhermore, we’re trying to expand market share to other markets.



  • Oscarhair was established in july 1998. Starting as a production facility, we specialize in supplying goods to domestic market.
  • By 2005, Oscarhair improved production scale, the number of labor reached almost 80 people that meet the demand of domestic market in general as well as trading Company.
  • By 2011, Oscarhair started processing th beauty products that required by the foreign partners, the product quality was improved clearly that meeting the international standards.
  • By 2015, the amount of product that supplying to domestic market and international partners reached 5000 kg per month. Along the way the production scale and labor scale increased substantially. Our facility was over 5000 m2 with over 300 workers that divided into 5 production lines.
  • By the beginning of 2018, Capturing the demand in domestic market and international market, Oscarhair has speeding up retail distribution system. Oscar hair exported our products to over 50 countries just in 8 months.Furthermore, we are trying to expand market share to other zones.
  • Today, our main products are focused mainly on countries which have a large demand such as Africa and North America.


  • With the development of Oscar hair, we are efforting to improve the product and service quality as much as we can to meet customer’s demand all over the world, bring Vietnamese beauty brand to be popular globally.
  • Oscarhair’s goal is building retail contribution system to over 150 countries all over the world in the period from 2018 to 2020 and become a multidisciplinary that operating in a various fields by 2023.
  • Our slogan is focused on production field and free distribution.Besides, we will try our best to become a popular brand name internationally.



  • Oscarhair build operating system based on human-centrick. Each individual is a indispensable part and is a beauty of the culture of Oscar hair.
  • Oscarhair are striving to develop in three criterions:

 – Customers are our main consideration: We treat ourself like our customers, so that Oscarhair is trying to satisfy customer as much as we can.

– Developting continuously: Oscar hair is trying to produce the products with highest quality and reasonable price and become a leading Company over the world.

 Oscarhair ensure that all goods are the highest value and quality, they are made of from the finest materials. As a result, Oscarhair’s products can meet international standards for compliance with the “OSCARHAIR BRAND”


Website: http://oscarhair.com.vn/

Email: oscarhairs@gmail.com

Add: floor 4 No 259 , Tran Dang Ninh Str, Ward Dich Vong , Cau Giay  Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84936164010